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Neoprene Balaclavas

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Palm NeoFlex Hood


The Palm NeoFlex Hood, a 0.5mm neoprene balaclava that is ideal for wearing under a kayaking helmet. This neoprene surf hood is made from 0.5mm Neoflex neoprene and it also has additional warmth from the thermospan lining. The NeoFlex hood is ideal for use in the colder months before you reach the depths of winter. It features an overhead design and a long neck so it should also be able to create a seal with the neck of your wetsuit of drysuit.

£26.00 inc. VAT £23.77 inc. VAT

Palm Surf Hood


The Palm Surf Hood, a 2mm neoprene balaclava that is designed for use in the coldest of winter months. This neoprene surf hood features a 2mm neoprene construction; this also features a quick drying thermal liner for enhanced warmth. All of the seams in this neoprene balaclava are then glued and blindstitched, this will give the highest levels of performance as the seams will not leak. Around the face area there is a small glideskin gasket to create a seal while the stiffened peak will then give you some protection from the sun. The cut of this 2mmneoprene balaclava also features a nice long neck; this is designed to then create a good seal with your winter wetsuit of the neck seal of your kayaking dry suit.

£36.00 inc. VAT £32.93 inc. VAT
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