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Rack Straps

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Canoe Polo Zone Rack Straps

From £7.46 inc. VAT

HF Equipment Tidy Bag


The clever solution to store your roof rack straps in your car. Put your roof rack straps straight in the °hf Tidy Bag for a fast, effective way of storing. They come out knot free every time. No hassle no mess! The Tidy Bag can hold up to 8 roof rack straps with 25mm buckles.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.96 inc. VAT

Palm Cam Buckle Cover


Silicone rubber protectors for the camming buckles of Palm's 3.5m, 4.5m and 5.5m roof rack straps. These should help you to not scratch and chip car paintwork and windows when loading your roof-rack.

£10.00 inc. VAT £9.14 inc. VAT

Palm Cam Straps

From £16.46 inc. VAT

Playboater Rack Strap

From £8.26 inc. VAT
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