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Canoe Bilge Pumps

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Kajak Sport Hand Pump


General Features --------------------

£23.33 ex. VAT

Palm Canoe / Kayak Pump


The Palm Canoe Kayak pump is made from injection moulded plastic and features a metal pump stick. The top of it features a large handle which makes for easy gripping in cold conditions; it also gives a securing loop / tie in point when it comes to securing it in your boat. On the outside of the barrel there is a soft foam sleeve which gives the pump some buoyancy. This pump is capable of removing up to 30 litres of water per minute.General Features -------------------- 30 Litres of water per minute capacity Injection moulded plastic construction Flotation ring around the pump barrel -------------------- Dimensions -------------------- Length - 46cm Width - 10.5cm Weight - 395 grams

£16.67 ex. VAT £14.53 ex. VAT

Scotty 13.5" Pump and Float


The Scotty Kayak pump features a plastic body which incorporates a stainless steel piston. This piston then features a plastic handle on the top. This sea kayak bilge pump only takes 13 strokes to remove 1 gallon of water from the kayak. Around the main body of the pump there is then a foam band which helps it float in the water to prevent against loss in the event that you drop it.General Features -------------------- Plastic Body Stainless Steel Piston Buoyancy Sock on main body 13 Strokes to remove 1 gallon of water --------------------

£39.16 ex. VAT £34.85 ex. VAT