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Opinel Folding Saw


The Opinel Folding Saw is available in two different sizes. This folding bushcraft saw has a high quality carbon steel bade and a clasic Opinel beech handle. This is possibly the best bushcraft saw avaialable! The Carbon steel blade also incorporates an anti-corrosion coating, this gives you the best levels of cutting quality and protection agaisn corrosion. As with all Opinel knioves over the No 6 size, the No 12 folding saw also features the Virobloc safety ring. However the No 18 folding saw has a locking catch. General Features -------------------- Varnished Beech Handle Carbon Steel Blade - Also features Anti-Corrosion Coating - Double row of teeth Opinel Saw No 12 - Fitted with the Virobloc Safety Ring Opinel Saw No 18 - Fitted with a locking catch Dimensions (Blade Length) - No 12 - 12cm - No 18 - 18cm --------------------

£26.95 inc. VAT £23.99 inc. VAT

Robens Cylinder Bush Saw


£19.99 inc. VAT £17.56 inc. VAT

Robens Folding Saw


Light & Compact folding saw General features ---------------- 18cm blade Corrosion resistant finish equipped with safety lock ---------------- Closed size: 22.5 x 6 x 2.5 cm Open size: 40 x 6 x 2.5 cm Weight: 214g ----------------

£6.59 inc. VAT £5.83 inc. VAT

Ultimate Survival Technologies Folding Saw


£13.96 inc. VAT £12.25 inc. VAT

Ultimate Survival Technologies Wire Saw


£3.95 inc. VAT £3.47 inc. VAT