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Aquapac VHF Pro


Aquapac VHF Pro | waterproof VFH CaseCase Dimensions (flat) 170mm x 400mm

£37.50 ex. VAT £32.93 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Connector Tube

From £9.99 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Inuksuk


West Greenland style carbon paddle.Weight: 800 g Material: Carbon

£333.33 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Pro Paddle Leash


The 1m Kajak Sport Pro Paddle Leash is strong and dependable paddle leash designed for professional use. It features a quick release system for adverse conditions.

£8.33 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Sea Performance Carbon


The Kajak Sport Sea Performance Carbon, possibly the best sea kayak paddle out there. This carbon sea kayak paddle features a low angle design blade and these are attached to a two piece paddle shaft. The paddle shaft has a right hand index grip and also incorporates a highly adjustable centre ferrule. The adjustable ferrule can change the length of the paddle from 215cm right the way through to 225cm. It can also alter the angle from 0 degrees right the way through to 90 degrees in 10 degrees increments.General Features -------------------- Full Carbon Sea Kayak Paddle Carbon Core Blades - Lightweight - Buoyant - Smooth design to enter and exit the water quietly Low Angle design Blades Carbon Paddle Shaft - Two Piece Design - Incorporates the Kajak Sport Ferrule System Kajak Sport Ferrule System - Length Adjustable from 215cm to 225cm - Adjustable Paddle Feather from 0 degrees to 90 degrees --------------------

£333.33 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Self Rescue Clamps


The Kayak Sport Self Rescue Clamps redefine the levels of safet for the solo paddlers out there. These kayak paddle grips come supplied as a pair; and can be easily retro fitted to most kayaks. In the event of a capsize, you can turn your kayak back over and secure your paddle into the grips. You can then add your paddle float to the blade and you will then have a safe and stable platform to aid your re entry into the kayak. The locking mechanism that kayak sport have devekloepd is quick and easy to use even with cold and wet hands. General Features -------------------- Supplied as a pair Easy to fit - Only 2 x 6mm drill holes required. - 1 drill hole per clamp Easy to use -------------------- Clamp Length - 10.3cm Clamp Width - 4.6cm Clamp Height - 5.8cm Clamp Weight - 298 grams --------------------

£39.16 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Self Rescue Grips


General Features --------------------

£21.66 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Shaft Ferrule

From £16.66 ex. VAT

Palm Paddle Float


The Palm sea kayak paddle float, an essential piece of sea kayaking safety gear. Having capsized this will help you get back in your kayak all on your own. It will support and stabilise you in a choppy sea. It has a small compact size so it’s easy to store when not in use. The paddle float has a sleeve that you insert your paddle into, you then inflate it around your paddle blade and a safety strap then secures this in position. The inflation hose has a twist valve for efficiency and there is then a large dump valve on the float itself. General Features -------------------- Large Inflation Tube Pocket to secure / store inflation tube Safety Strap to secure the float to the paddle PVC Coated nylon construction --------------------

£26.67 ex. VAT £23.25 ex. VAT

Scotty Paddle Clip


The Scotty Paddle clip is a small plastic clip that easily mounts onto the deck of a kayak. It will need to be secured by two bolts or rivets and the clip will hold the majority of paddle shafts. This is ideal for when you our kayak fishing as its helps keep your kayak paddle safe and secure. General Features -------------------- Small and Compact Simple and easy to use -------------------- Overall Length - 15cm Distance between holes - 11cm --------------------

£9.99 ex. VAT £8.90 ex. VAT

Scotty Safety Leash


The Scotty Safety leash is ideal for keeping your kayak paddle or your fishing rod safe while out at sea on your kayak. It is made from a coiled plastic which also extends to 6 feet long! Each end of the paddle tether features a small plastic clip. One end can then secure to your kayak while the second end secures the item you want to protect. This also comes with a twin plastic eyelet and also a rubber strap. Both of these extras are alternatives methods of securing your chosen item. General Features -------------------- Plastic Coiled Body Plastic Clips on each end Also supplied with - Rubber Anchor Strap - Plastic Eyelet -------------------- Dimensions 55cm Long 180cm long on full extension --------------------

£24.99 ex. VAT £22.25 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Centre Spigot

From £5.88 ex. VAT
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