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Sit On Top Kayaking

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Palm Base Suit

The Palm Base Suit is an entry level drysuit that's ideal for sit on top kayaking. Due to its simple design, it is also a great drysuit for paddle boarding. This drysuit features a 3-layer fabric construction that is waterproof and breathable. It is easy to get on and off due to the front access zip, which runs from the left hip, up to the right shoulder. The neck and wrist seals are both latex, it also features a pair of full latex socks.

From £245.42 ex. VAT

Yak Santiam Drysuit

The Yak Santiam Drysuit offers maximum warmth while on the water. This drysuit is the perfect choice if you're looking to carry on kayaking or stand-up paddling in the colder months. It's made with a 3 layer, breathable and 20k waterproof material that not only keeps you warm and dry but will also stop you overheating. It also comes with a cosy Stratum fleece for an extra touch of comfort.

From £378.75 ex. VAT

Jobe Drysuit

The Jobe Drysuit is made with a 320 denier breathable nylon, with a tricot coating and taped waterproof seams. This suit is sure to keep you warm and dry in the water. This suit has latex wrist, neck and ankle seals and a high-tech waterproof zipper to keep all the water out. Cover yourself in our fine tricot water repellent fabrics and step out of the water as if you never touched it.

From £245.42 ex. VAT

Palm Rogen Suit

From £372.82 ex. VAT

Crewsaver Atacama Junior Drysuit

The Crewsaver Atacama Junior Drysuit is inspired by the adult Atacama Pro Drysuit, but tailored to fit the younger watersport enthusiasts. The Atacama has been made using 3-layer breathable technology and is great for keeping warm and dry whilst out on the water. This drysuit features a front entry via a flexible, Aquaseal zipper which means it is easy to put on unassisted. The seat and knee areas are then reinforced with Cordura fabric, which provides extra protection in areas of high-wear to maintain longevity.

From £348.23 ex. VAT
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