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Islander Kayaks Round Hatch Kit


£18.33 ex. VAT £16.40 ex. VAT

Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers


The Ocean Kayak Scupper stoppers are sold individually and come in four different sizes. Ideal for blocking scupper drain holes, these bungs provide the flexibility to keep dry while paddling on calm waters like lakes or rivers.

£5.08 ex. VAT £2.91 ex. VAT

Palm Countersunk Pozi


Pack of 4.

£3.33 ex. VAT £2.98 ex. VAT

Palm D-Ring Fitting SOT


The Palm D-Ring fittings are provided in pairs, crafted from a blend of plastic and metal. Commonly featured on Islander Kayaks like the Calypso, they serve as excellent attachments for securing sit-on-top kayak seats and thigh braces. It's important to note that the accompanying nuts for securing them are not included but can be purchased separately if needed.

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.22 ex. VAT

Palm KH5 Plastic Hook


£3.33 ex. VAT £2.98 ex. VAT

Palm Pad Eye


The Palm Pad Eyes are sold as a packet of four, and when fixed to your kayak they're ideal to give extra attachment points for securing lines, bungees and other items.

£3.33 ex. VAT £2.98 ex. VAT

Palm Round Hatch Kit


This kit contains everything you need to retro-fit a hatch to your kayak including the hatch, pocket, gasket and necessary bolts.

£25.83 ex. VAT £23.11 ex. VAT

Palm Scupper Hole Plug Kit


The Palm Scupper Hole Plug Kit includes six plugs designed to fit Wilderness Systems Kayaks, like the Tarpon 100 and Tarpon 120. Each plug is equipped with a short rope lanyard for secure attachment to the kayak, preventing accidental drops. These rubber plugs are easily inserted into the scupper drains.

£11.67 ex. VAT £10.44 ex. VAT

Palm SOT Deluxe Backrest


The Palm SOT Deluxe Backrest has been designed as a high-backed seat and backrest, suitable for sit-on-top kayaks like those found in the Islander Range, and it's also compatible with various other models.

£55.00 ex. VAT £48.64 ex. VAT

Palm SOT Surf Backrest


The Palm SOT Surf Backrest provides essential support for paddlers using sit-on-top kayaks. With its well-padded and comfortable design, this backrest securely attaches to your kayak using four straps. The four individual anchor straps not only ensure stability but also feature corrosion-resistant steel clips for easy attachment. You can easily adjust the angle of the back support by making modifications to the straps.

£38.33 ex. VAT £33.90 ex. VAT

Palm Star Logo Hatch Cover


The Palm Star Logo Hatch Cover is an extremely durable rubber hatch cover with a 6" diameter.

£7.50 ex. VAT £6.71 ex. VAT

Palm Tarpon Deck Fitting


£6.67 ex. VAT £5.97 ex. VAT

Plastimo Bullseye

The Plastimo Bullseye Fairhead are useful for deck hardware and running lines.

From £4.39 ex. VAT

Pyranha Self Draining Scupper Plugs


£11.63 ex. VAT £10.92 ex. VAT

Pyranha SurfJet Bottle Bungee Kit


£9.96 ex. VAT £9.35 ex. VAT

Pyranha SurfJet Paddle Park


£6.63 ex. VAT £6.22 ex. VAT