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Lifeventure Money Belt

The Lifeventure Money Belt is an ideal travel belt, with a hidden compartment to store money, notes or keys and essentials when travelling. Ideal as an emergency cash stash or even as an everyday belt. Both smart and practical... it's a Winner!

From £10.33 ex. VAT

Lifeventure RFiD Bi-Fold Wallet

The Lifeventure RFiD Bi-Fold Wallet is slimline and compact but still offers ample storage, with 6 card pockets, a note pocket and an external zipped coin pocket. The outside is made from a durable waxed canvas fabric and the nickel and copper coated bi-fold shields the contents from radio frequency identification - meaning no information can be transmitted through it and therefore reducing the risk of identity theft.

From £12.55 ex. VAT

Lifeventure RFiD Card Wallet

The minimalist and neat Lifeventure RFiD Card Wallet is no fuss, simple and compact. It features 4 card pockets, including one with an ID window; an ideal way to protect your cards. Made from a waxed canvas fabric, the wallet is durable, lightweight and element resistant. The card wallet shields the contents from radio frequency identification (RFiD) readers by stopping the information being transmitted through the nickel and copper coated polyester fabric, reducing the risk of identity theft.

From £8.85 ex. VAT

Lifeventure RFiD Mini Travel Wallet

The Lifeventure RFiD Mini Travel Wallet is a great travel companion that's smart and secure! It's ideal for keeping all of your important travel documents in one organised place. It features 7 card pockets, a stash pocket for a smartphone and a passport, a slip pocket for your airline boarding pass, as well as 3 additional slip pockets for other notes and tickets. There's also a zipped internal pocket and a handy pen loop.

From £18.46 ex. VAT

Lifeventure RFiD Passport Wallet


The Lifeventure RFiD Passport Wallet is great buy for all regular travellers. They are well thought out, smart and often the cheapest on the market, offering some epic features to help you on your adventures. This passport wallet delivers focused protection when you need it the most, it will provide a shield for your biometric/e-passport and RFiD enabled payment cards, thus helping stop identity theft.

£8.33 ex. VAT £7.30 ex. VAT

Lifeventure RFiD Phone Wallet


Keep your phone protected alongside your cash and cards. The Lifeventure RFiD phone wallet offers extra security and organisation where you need it the most. The water-resistant zip closure repels water, offering extra peace of mind that your valuables will stay dry. With a soft protective fleece inner lining, water resistant fabric and belt loop, it's easy to keep your phone and cards close to you.

£12.49 ex. VAT £11.07 ex. VAT

Lifeventure RFiD Protected Body Wallet - Waist


The Lifeventure RFiD Protected Body Waist Wallet is a great way to keep your personal items secure and incognito when travelling. It's soft, lightweight and low profile so it can be worn under your clothes to keep all your valuables comfortably secured around your waist and close to hand. The body facing fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, with a soft elasticated waist strap for next to skin comfort.

£16.66 ex. VAT £14.76 ex. VAT

Lifeventure RFiD Travel Wallet

The Lifeventure RFID Document Wallet is a versatile and extremely useful companion for travellers. Designed by product designers who have seen their fair share of the world, this handy item has a multitude of features which will prove useful on your travels and adventures. The external pocket of the wallet is not RFiD protected, however it is perfect to keep you boarding pass or travel tickets close to hand.

From £22.15 ex. VAT

Lifeventure RFiD Wallet

The Lifeventure RFiD Wallet is spacious and water resistant, featuring 2 full-sized pockets, 2 zipped coin pockets, 4 stash pockets and 6 card pockets. It also benefits from having RFiD protection which shields the contents from radio frequency identification, reducing the risk of identity theft and credit card fraud. Made with recycled nylon.

From £14.76 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Waterproof Body Wallet - Waist


This body belt/ travel pouch by Lifeventure is fitted with a roll top water-resistant pocket to prevent damage to valuables in humid or wet environments. This is not designed for submersion under water. Check out our fully water tight bags for that. It is also fitted with a soft inner lining that sits next to your body to make it more comfortable to wear and kind next-to-skin.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.46 ex. VAT