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Deck Storage Pods

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Venture Storage Pod 3L


The Venture Storage Pod 3L offers a 3L carrying capacity. It is suitable for securing into the moulding on the front decks of kayaks such as the Pyranha Fusion and the Venture Flex 11. This storage pod is made from a tough, durable plastic and the access is secured by a kayak sport hatch. The opening to the pod is 9cm across so it’s easy to fit items like cameras in and out. The pod also features a bungee securing elastic so it can be secured to the front of the kayak.

£37.08 ex. VAT £34.57 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Daybox

The Kajak Sport Daybox is the perfect solution to adding an additional 3.5 litres of storage capacity to the deck of your sea kayak. This can be easily retrofitted to most kayaks, as long as there is a flat section of deck that can be accessed from the inside. The daybox is fully waterproof and is available in two height options (low or high).

From £41.62 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Deckbox


The Kajak Sport Deckbox is a completely waterproof storage solution designed to attach to the front of your kayak. With an extra 4L of storage and a convenient 15cm kayak hatch opening, it provides easy access. Ideal for keeping essentials like a camera, chocolate bar, or mobile phone within reach, the deckbox also includes a securing lanyard to keep it firmly attached to your kayak.

£49.99 ex. VAT £48.49 ex. VAT