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Combat Response

The Combat Response is a composite polo kayak offered in two sizes and four construction levels. Designed in 2011 with significant input from GB team members, it features an integrated bumper system. These custom-built polo boats are tailored to the customer's specifications regarding colour, size and construction.

From £816.67 ex. VAT

Combat Vantage

From £816.67 ex. VAT

EXO Kayaks XP3

The EXO Kayaks XP3 is a plastic kayak that's ideal for canoe polo. It's available in a single size that suits paddlers in the 50-85Kg weight range and comes fitted with a set of Badger alloy footrests, front and rear foam bumpers and a rear buoyancy pillar. The XP3 is rated by the BCU for use in competitions and is suitable for use in Youth and ladies Div 2. It's also acceptable for open league up to div 3. A wide selection of colours means you can match your team mates!

From £529.17 ex. VAT

Revenge Vapour

The Revenge Vapour is the newest polo kayak in the Revenge line up. The Vapour has the best levels of forwards speed and the highest levels of manoeuvrability, it also features integrated bumpers to make it more aerodynamic. Available in two different sizes and three levels of construction. This is fully built to order and can be made in the your unique choice of colour.

From £1,104.17 ex. VAT