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Dagger Axis E 10.5

The Dagger Axis E is a 10.5-foot touring kayak is ideal for both returning enthusiasts and beginners seeking adventure. Designed for flat water touring, it navigates inland waterways, lakes, and calm coastal waters with ease. This kayak offers remarkable stability, speed, and comfort, boasting a spacious cockpit for easy access. The ergonomic seat, with padding and adjustable backrest, ensures comfort during extended paddling. Additional support is provided by pedal footrests and padded thigh braces. Equipped with a foam bulkhead and rear storage hatch, it securely stores gear, while the retractable skeg enhances stability.

From £733.70 ex. VAT

Dagger Katana Action

The Dagger Katana Action is a highly versatile crossover kayak that's available in two different sizes. There is a Katana 9.7 for the smaller paddlers, and the Katana 10.4 that's suitable for larger paddlers. This hybrid kayak features a versatile design that's suitable for most forms of kayaking, whether you're exploring a canal, bouncing down your local river of cruising around a lake. The Katana Action has a large, easy-access cockpit, a padded seat and adjustable backrestwhich provides comfort and support, further support and safety is achieved by the addition of the bulkhead footrest. The rear of the kayak features a retractable skeg for enhanced directional stability. It also incorporates a foam bulkhead and a rear storage hatch. This gives a great area for storage of essential items for your day’s adventures.

From £695.54 ex. VAT

Dagger Stratos 12.5

The Dagger Stratos 12.5 has options for both smaller and larger paddlers, and is an ideal touring kayak for extended canal, lake or coastal trips. Constructed with a single-layer polyethylene and featuring a retractable skeg for improved stability, it ensures easy entry and exit through a spacious cockpit. The comfortable padded seat with rake adjustment, along with a backrest and adjustable pedal footrests, provides additional support. Padded thigh braces offer enhanced control, while both ends of the kayak feature foam bulkheads and storage hatches for drybag convenience.

From £886.33 ex. VAT

Dagger Stratos 14.5

The Dagger Stratos 14.5 is a plastic touring kayak that's available in two sizes. The size options will help to achieve a near perfect fit and will therefor offer the best possible levels of performance. The Stratos 14.5 features a large and comfortable cockpit system with a supportive back rest and adjustable footrests. There are also front and rear hatches for accommodating storages and an array of elastics for securing items you may need close to hand.

From £799.13 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Fiesta

The Islander Kayaks Fiesta is an entry-level recreational kayak that's ideal for exploring inland waterways. It features a large, easy access cockpit which has a moulded in seat with a comfortable seat pad. Further comfort and support is achieved by the addition of a backrest and adjustable pedal footrests.

From £307.49 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Jive

Discover the Islander Kayaks Jive, a 10.5-foot touring kayak crafted for adventure along your local river, serene lake cruises, or tranquil canal escapes. Its spacious cockpit provides easy access and comfort with a padded seat, backrest, and thigh braces. Enhance your paddling experience with adjustable pedal footrests for added support. The rear features a foam bulkhead and oval storage hatch, while the retractable skeg ensures straight tracking. Plus, front deck elastics offer convenient storage for your map, keeping you prepared for the journey ahead.

From £457.49 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Voro

Experience effortless paddling with the Islander Kayaks Voro. It's stable hull, directional keel, and flared bow ensure smooth navigation, effortlessly gliding through the water. The oversized cockpit facilitates easy embarkation and allows for comfortable adjustment with Cocoon seat padding for added support. Discover thoughtful details such as sturdy handles, a convenient paddle rest, and a rear storage shelf that enhance your paddling experience.

From £504.75 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Voro Club

Adventure seekers will love the Islander Kayaks Voro Club. It's sleek hull ensures effortless gliding through the water, while the boat's width in the centre provides stability. The oversized cockpit offers easy access and adjustable seating positions, complemented by the Cocoon seat pad and backrest for comfort. Thoughtful details like the paddle rest and rear storage shelf enhance the paddling experience.

From £504.75 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Voro Recycled

The Islander Kayaks Voro Recycled has been designed for effortless paddling with a stable hull, directional keel and flared bow for smooth navigation. Featuring an oversized cockpit and Cocoon seat padding for comfort, along with sturdy handles, a paddle rest and a rear storage shelf for convenience. Crafted from 100% recycled plastic, each kayak showcases a unique colour blend, highlighting Islander's. commitment to sustainability and innovation. Experience the Voro Recycled and embark on your next adventure in style.

From £466.59 ex. VAT

P & H Virgo MZ3

The P & H Virgo MZ3 is a versatile plastic touring kayak offered in three size options. Boasting a spacious cockpit for effortless entry, it includes a comfortable padded seat and backrest, alongside convenient kayak hatches and deck lines for ample storage. The front deck features a built-in moulding for the Silva 70P Compass, while the retractable skeg at the rear enhances directional stability.

From £840.02 ex. VAT

Pyranha Fusion II Stout

The Pyranha Fusion II Stout is a highly versatile crossover kayak available in three sizes of Small, Medium and Large. It's perfect for exploring various waterways, from tranquil lakes and calm canals to easy whitewater rivers, the Fusion II offers an exhilarating yet comfortable paddling experience. Featuring a comfortable padded seat, adjustable thigh braces, and a full plate footrest, the cockpit ensures comfort and safety for paddlers of all levels. The rear of the kayak is equipped with a foam bulkhead and rear hatch, providing ample storage for gear and essentials.

From £707.48 ex. VAT

Pyranha Ion Stout

The Pyranha Ion Stout, offered in two sizes, is a versatile crossover kayak perfect for a range of waters, from calm canals to Grade 2 rivers and lakes. Its contemporary design incorporates a retractable skeg for superior speed and manoeuvrability. The kayak boasts a spacious, easy-to-access cockpit, moulded thigh braces for enhanced control, a padded seat for comfort, and adjustable pedal footrests and backrest for added support. With a rear hatch and bulkhead, ample space is provided for essentials, ensuring a delightful and comfortable paddling journey.

From £596.65 ex. VAT

Venture Flex Fit 4

The Venture Flex Fit 4 is a recreational touring kayak that's ideal for taking to the water for the first time. It's a great option for exploring your local waterway, whether it’s cruising along your local canal or round the lake, the Flex 11 will do it all. Featuring a large easy access cockpit, a padded seat and an adjustable footrest. The rear of the kayak then has an oval kayak storage hatch and a retractable skeg for enhanced directional stability.

From £714.53 ex. VAT

Pyranha Fusion Duo Stout

Whether you're tandem sea kayaking, adventure touring with a partner or introducing a friend to whitewater, the Pyranha Fusion Duo Stout handles it all comfortably. Built on the same world-renowned performance as the Fusion, the Fusion Duo is versatile, accommodating various paddler combinations for an enjoyable experience, no matter the type of water you're navigating.

From £1,301.05 ex. VAT

P & H Virgo CLX

The P & H Virgo CLX is a great choice for anyone looking for a kayak offering accessible performance for daytrips and the occasional overnighter. It's a compact, but uncompromising take on a classic sea kayak design, featuring a Corelite X three layer plastic construction and skeg fittings for ease of tracking in windy conditions. The Corelite construction reduces the overall weight of the kayak, meaning you'll notice the increase in efficiency and stiffness on the water.

From £1,224.31 ex. VAT