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Palm Keepers Footrest


The Palm Keepers Foot Brace is one of the most popular footrests that are found in kayaks today. They are fully constructed from plastic so there is no danger from corrosion and on the rear of the main pedal there is a small trigger than controls the adjustment. Pack Includes:- 2 x Tracks. 2 x Pedals. 4 x Screws. 4 x Washers.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.51 inc. VAT

Palm Keepers Pedal


Palm's Keepers Pedal is just that - a spare Pedal for a Keepers Foot Brace.Single Pedal for a Keepers Foot Rest

£8.50 inc. VAT £7.31 inc. VAT

Palm Slidelock Footrest


The Palm Slidelock footrest is easily retro fitted to the majority of kayaks. It is simply a case of bolting through the side of the kayak. This kayak footrest is easy to adjust due to the long adjustment arms that also save you having to reach right down into the boat. The support is offered by two pedals that give moderate levels of support. Ideal for use on up to grade two rivers. General Features -------------------- Easy to adjust Easy to retro fit Fully adjustable with many leg length options Supplied with fittings -------------------- Mounting Hole Dimensions Centre of Hole to Centre of Hole - 375mm Edge of Hole to Edge of Hole (between holes) 370mm --------------------

£35.00 inc. VAT £31.51 inc. VAT