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Kettle Accessories

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Kelly Kettle Cook Set (Stainless Steel)

The Kelly Kettle Cook Set (Stainless Steel) Set enables the 'Base Camp' or 'Scout' Kettle to be turned into a portable cooker eliminating the need to carry any fuel on your trips. Enjoy cost free, Carbon-neutral cooking outdoors using whatever natural fuels are available.

From £11.45 inc. VAT

Kelly Kettle Pot Support

This Pot Support lets you place the Kelly Cook Set on top of the Kettle as your water boils, thereby harnessing all the heat that is generated in the chimney and ensuring maximum fuel efficiency. The Kettle works remarkably well in stormy weather - hence the Pot-Support allows for an element of cooking even in extremely harsh weather conditions.

From £5.28 inc. VAT

Kelly Kettle Whistle

Whistle for Kelly Kettle. Metal whistle inserted into soft green rubber which will retro-fit older models of these size kettle also. Rubber was chosen as it's easy and safe to insert/remove and will not get stuck (a metal whistle can become stuck on the metal water spout with expansion/contraction from heat). Whistle, clip, split-ring and chain provided.

From £4.82 inc. VAT