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Liners and Drybags

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Exped Fold Dry Bag

The Exped Fold Dry Bag is a lightweight and waterproof storage bag with fold top closure, made from durable and pliable PU-coated Taffeta nylon, 10,000mm water column and taped seams. These bags are perfect for keeping your gear sorted within a pack, or separating wet items from dry. Ideal for walking, camping and paddling. Lots of customers use them to keep their essentials easy to grab, but hidden from the effects of rain!

From £9.08 inc. VAT

Exped Waterproof Pack Liner

The Exped Waterproof Pack Liner is 100% Waterproof and designed to fit snugly into a backpack, keeping your contents safe from the rain. It features an easy roll and fold closure and comes in bright colours for better visibility. If you haven't used them before please ask staff for advice on how best to pack them down!

From £22.64 inc. VAT

Highlander Rucksack Liner


The Highlander Rucksack Liner is a simple, effective polyethylene liner to protect your kit inside your rucksack. Made from a 100% waterproof polyethylene construction, this bag liner is sure to keep your kit protected.

£2.50 inc. VAT £2.27 inc. VAT

Ortlieb Light Weight Dry-Bag

Nothing worse than when its hammering down with rain, sleet & snow and go to get something out of your Bergen and find its soaked – Bad admin or poor quality cheaper brands. Ortlieb the world leading brand of waterproof full submergible dry bags.

From £13.94 inc. VAT

Outdoor Research Graphic Dry Sack

The Graphic Dry Sack by Outdoor Research will keep your gear dry whether you're out fishing, paddling or just out in foul weather. With a roll-top closure, buckled lid and fully taped seams, this sack is sure to keep your essentials from getting wet.

From £13.00 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit eVac Dry Sack

This clever sack uses eVent, a waterproof but air permeable fabric, on the base for valve-free air expulsion allowing for compact packing. So instead of compression straps, you simply have to just roll the sack down and air is pushed out of the base. These sacks are oval-shaped so they fill internal space far more efficiently. So while guaranteeing dry gear in wet weather, you're also saving a whole load of space!

From £13.45 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Drysack

Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Drysacks are super lightweight dry sacks that are designed for use inside a pack. They weigh next to nothing but are still just as waterproof as other drysacks! They use a Hypalon roll top closure system which means it does not wick water into the pack like a webbing closure system would.

From £8.82 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit View Dry Sack

A durable waterproof dry sack, with an oval shape and a clear window to easily view what's inside. This window is particularly useful for groups sharing gear or storage space. It'll help manage and organise your pack and be a life saver when you need that spare layer in the pouring rain.

From £10.58 inc. VAT

Seal Line Blocker Dry Sack


The Seal Line Blocker Dry Sack is great for organising and protecting gear from the wet weather inside your backpack. Inclusive of a roll- top closure, with sewn and taped construction to ensure no water leakage. Extremely water-tight. Perfect for back packing, hiking, trekking.

£24.00 inc. VAT £20.83 inc. VAT

Seal Line BlockerLite Dry Sack

The Seal Line BlockerLite Sack is more lightweight that the normal dry sack, but still extremely durable. This dry sack is perfect for organizing and storing clothes, accessories and valuables when going on a hike or trek. It will also keep the items dry in the inevitable wet British weather and can fit inside most rucksacks and back packs.

From £10.62 inc. VAT

HF Equipment Dry Pack Transparent

The HF Equipment Dry Pack Transparent is a highly versatile dry bag for canoeing and kayaking. The opaque design makes them bright to see internally, whilst you can also see what's in them externally when you have a number of them in use!

From £18.37 inc. VAT

Ortlieb Heavyweight Drybag

A durable and versatile dry bag, the Ortlieb Heavyweight Drybag is rated to IP64 standard meaning that it has complete dust protection and the contents are protected from splashing water. They have a roll-down top with a stiffener bar, to make sealing the dry bag easy, and are fitted with D-rings to allow the bag to be secured to a boat or luggage rack.

From £22.15 inc. VAT

Ortlieb Mediumweight Drybag

The Ortlieb Medium Weight Drybag has proven roll closure and single stiffener bar which ensures absolute waterproofness, protection and optimal packing volume. A reinforced base provides stability and easier loading. It's also fitted with D-rings, to allow the bag to be secured to a boat or luggage rack, and is available in various sizes to suit all needs.

From £13.70 inc. VAT

Palm First Aid Carrier Drybag


The Palm First Aid Carrier, a 3L first aid dry bag that features a transparent construction. This transparent construction ensures you can easily see the contents of your first aid kit. The large First Aid Logo, also makes the bag easy to identify.

£19.00 inc. VAT £17.38 inc. VAT

Tootega Dry Bag


The Tootega dry bag is great for use with sit on top kayaks. This kayak hatch dry bag is small and compact and easily fits into a kayak storage hatch.

£10.00 inc. VAT £9.49 inc. VAT

Overboard Pro-Light Waterproof Sling Bag Backpack


The Pro-Light Waterproof Sling Bag Backpack from Overboard is constructed from feather light and environmentally friendly TPU fabrics, this waterproof Sling Bag Backpack seals tight with Overboard's trusty Fold Seal System™, making it suitable for quick submersion and will float if dropped in water. This means you can really go for it out on the water without messing up or losing your stuff!

£52.99 inc. VAT £48.68 inc. VAT