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Stove Accessories

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Jetboil Coffee Press


£17.99 inc. VAT £15.84 inc. VAT

Jetboil Fuel Can Stabilizer


A stand that connects to gas canisters to prevent toppling when cooking on rougher terrain.

£10.00 inc. VAT £8.80 inc. VAT

Jetboil Hanging Kit


Perfect for expeditions, big wall climbs or ski touring, the Jetboil Hanging Kit is easy to use.

£49.99 inc. VAT £44.04 inc. VAT

Jetboil Pot Support


Works well as Cooking or Camping Equipment for multi-day walks or hikes, Duke of Edinburgh and backpacking.

£14.99 inc. VAT £13.20 inc. VAT

MSR Coffee Press Kit, Windburner 1L


Coffee press kit as an attachment accessory to the amazing MSR Windburner 1l stove pot.

£20.00 inc. VAT £17.92 inc. VAT

MSR DragonFly Expedition Service Kit


Maintenance and service kit for the MSR DragonFly.

£30.00 inc. VAT £26.02 inc. VAT

MSR DragonFly Fuel Pump


Pump for the MSR Dragonfly.

£43.00 inc. VAT £37.30 inc. VAT

MSR Handheld Piezo Ignitor


The MSR Piezo Igniter lights almost any gas stove with ease. Weighing and packing down to almost nothing, there is no excuse not to take it with your stove!10g Simple operation Reliable ignition

£10.00 inc. VAT £8.64 inc. VAT

MSR Heat Reflector and Windscreen


Adds stability and speeds up boil time whilst protecting in harsh conditions.

£18.00 inc. VAT £15.65 inc. VAT

MSR Standard Fuel Pump


Standard pump for MSR stoves.

£43.00 inc. VAT £37.30 inc. VAT

MSR Whisperlite Expedition Service Kit


£30.00 inc. VAT £26.02 inc. VAT

MSR Windburner Hanging Kit


Allows you to hang the stove when there is no space on the ground. Ideal for campingWeight: 14g

£29.00 inc. VAT £25.19 inc. VAT

MSR XGK Expedition Service Kit


Provides comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for your XGK Expeditions stove.

£30.00 inc. VAT £26.02 inc. VAT

Primus Aluminium Folding Windscreen


A windshield to protect the stove flame from being blown out in high winds.

£12.00 inc. VAT £10.85 inc. VAT

Primus Cartridge Footrest


This neat little gadget clips onto the bottom of your gas cylinder to stop you tipping it over. Great for lightweight stoves and works on all gas cartridge sizes. 22g weight.

£8.75 inc. VAT £8.00 inc. VAT

Primus Ergo Pump


Fuel pump for Primus multifuel stoves. This lightweight pump made of aluminium and composite materials fits various multifuel stoves such as the Omnifuel, EtaPower MF and Gravity MF.102g

£60.00 inc. VAT £53.96 inc. VAT