Established in 1977
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Petzl Pantin

The Petzl Pantin is a rope clamp that attaches  to your footwear to aid in ascending ropes. The foot ascender can be used in conjunction with other rated clamps and ascenders to make climbing a rope quicker and more energy efficient.

From £44.42 ex. VAT

Petzl Pantin Catch

The Petzl Pantin Catch is a catch for the Pantin foot ascender, it helps to keep the rope in the device during rope ascents. It's available for both the right and left foot versions.

From £4.89 ex. VAT

Climbing Technology Quick Step A

The Climbing Technology Quick Step A is an ascender for the right or left foot, when used in conjunction with an ascender handle (e.g. QUICK’UP+ or QUICK’ARBOR H) or a chest ascender (e.g. CHEST ASCENDER HC), makes it easier and speeds up the ascent of a rope.

From £44.92 ex. VAT