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Tool Tethers

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Beal Air Leash


The Air Leash Tool Carrier was designed to keep your tools attached throughout your operation. Its extendable spiral cord and tool holder head with keylock system are designed to connect them by cow hitch or choke knot. And even more practical, a ring allows the tool to be clipped onto the harness between uses.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.40 ex. VAT

Beal Attrac'Tool


The Beal Attac'Tool allows for ferrous tools to be handily placed on the magnet for easy, quick access. Too be used in conjunction with leashes for tools as dropping of the tools is still a risk. The magnet can be placed in many different places such as on a chest harness or on the leg loops of the harness. The magnet is able to hold a tool weighing up to 188g.

£21.66 ex. VAT £19.13 ex. VAT

Beal Super Leash


The Beal Super Leash is part of the Beal Work Station range. It’s an extendable tool tether which helps prevent dropped objects, particularly tools, whilst working at height. The bungee lanyard saves space when not in use but can extend up to 1.15m when you pull it. If used properly, the drop risk can be eliminated, as the tool always remains attached to something.

£29.99 ex. VAT £26.46 ex. VAT

Beal Tool Belt


There are webbing gear loops positioned around the Beal Tool Belt to let you clip on your tools and other accessories when working at height which make this belt a must-have. It is compatible with the other products in the range, including the Tool Bucket, Long Tool Bucket, Glass Bucket, Air Leash and Attractool.

£19.49 ex. VAT £17.24 ex. VAT

Petzl Tooleash


The Petzl Tooleash is an extendable drop-prevention tether for a tool weighing up to 5kg. Its extendable tether allows you to attach a tool to prevent dropping it when working at height. The high-strength elasticised tether is compact on your harness.

£19.00 ex. VAT £16.88 ex. VAT