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Lightwave g20 trek


The Lightwave G20 Trek is a spacious 2 person tent that's suitable for backpacking and trekking, offering 4 season year-round protection in all but the most adverse weather conditions. Its 3-pole, geodesic design provides excellent stability, whilst the fly is lowcut to the ground so there's good protection from any wind-blown rain. The weight is kept to a modest 2.5kg and the porch area is a fairly generous size, those looking for a bit of extra space might want to consider the XT version which has an extended vestibule.

£415.83 ex. VAT £370.39 ex. VAT

Lightwave g20 trek XT


The Lightwave g20 trek XT is a spacious 2 person tent that's suitable for trekking and backpacking. It offers 4 season, year-round protection in all but the most adverse weather conditions. The XT version also has an extended vestibule that provides enough space to store 2 bikes (laid down with front wheel removed) or plenty of space for storage and extra cooking space in rainy weather.

£499.17 ex. VAT £444.64 ex. VAT

Lightwave g20 ultra


TheLightwave g20 ultra is an ultra light geodesic tent designed for lightweight backpacking, adventure travel and wilderness trekking. Made from some of the highest quality fabrics around, this tent wont let you down.

£582.50 ex. VAT £518.89 ex. VAT

Lightwave g30 trek XT


The Lightwave g30 trek XT is a spacious 3 person tent that's suitable for backpacking and trekking. It offers 4 season protection in all but the most adverse weather conditions and is a popular choice of tent for longer camping trips. The extended vestibule provides enough space for two bikes (laid down with the front wheel removed) or extra space for storage and cooking in rainy weather. The only penalty for all this space is that the weight has crept up to 3.35Kg but even this can be carried comfortably in good quality backpack, especially when the tent is split between people.

£582.50 ex. VAT £518.89 ex. VAT

Lightwave s15 Sigma


The Lightwave S15 Sigma is the first of a new generation of single-wall tents where it can be truly said that condensation is no longer a problem. It is made from a lighter version of the X-tex fabric launched by Lightwave's sister-brand crux for its range of X1 mountain bivouac tents. The s15 sigma is a simple 2-pole dome with a third short transverse pole to stiffen the structure, increase the internal volume and create a steeper entrance wall/door.

£540.83 ex. VAT £481.76 ex. VAT

Lightwave s20 Sigma


The Lightwave S20 Sigma is a simple 2-pole dome tent with a third short transverse pole to stiffen the structure, increase the internal volume and create a steeper entrance wall/door. The s20 can be pitched quickly and it requires a minimum of pegging to secure it.

£582.50 ex. VAT £518.89 ex. VAT

Lightwave t10 raid


The Lightwave T10 Raid is the lightest tent that Lightwave makes. Weighing in at just 1.45kg (complete), this one person tunnel tent is suitable for 3-4 season use and has been built to handle the wind and rain. This is also a great tent for mountain marathon use and will provide you with many years of reliable service.

£249.17 ex. VAT £221.89 ex. VAT

Lightwave t10 trail


The Lightwave t10 Trail is a robust, lightweight tunnel tent designed to be an all-round performance tent at a reasonable price. It has different multi-pitch options, they can be erected flysheet-first, inner-tent first, or as a whole.

£332.50 ex. VAT £296.14 ex. VAT

Lightwave t20 hyper


The Lightwave t20 Hyper is a super lightweight tunnel tent suitable for 4 season use in all types of climate. Weighing in at just 2kg including bags, pegs and gutlines, the t20 Hyper can withstand challenging weather conditions with relative ease. It's spacious, light and offers a good head-height at the front. This is a wonderfully versatile, fast-pitching, durable and lightweight tent that is a reliable trekking companion suitable for use anywhere in the world.

£582.50 ex. VAT £518.89 ex. VAT

Lightwave t20 trail


The Lightwave t20 Trail Tent is identical to the t20 Hyper in every respect but weight. The Trail is around half a kilo heavier in weight than the Hyper, but it makes up for it in price. Performance wise this is an all-year, all-weather tent that's as tough as nails. Its multi-pitch system is extremely versatile, the integral mode allowing it to be pitched in under 3 minutes. This is an affordable and classic, 2-person tunnel tent that combines multi-pitch versatility, low-weight and long-term durability.

£415.83 ex. VAT £370.39 ex. VAT

Lightwave t30 trail


The Lightwave t30 trail is a wider and slightly taller version of the t20 trail. Classified as a 3-person tent, it is still used most often as a 2-person tent where extra space is sought, be it for winter sleeping bags, extra kit or greater personal comfort. The t30 has a wide and high porch with generous head-room with and a spacious inner. At 2.75 kg, it is no lightweight, but nor does it compromise on durability or performance in bad weather.

£415.83 ex. VAT £370.39 ex. VAT

MSR Hubba Hubba NX

The Hubba Hubba NX Tent from MSR is the ultimate in lightweight tent designs. Even at its heaviest, its still just a featherlight 1.72kg! With the integrated and adjustable stake-out loops, set up time is minimal and faff free. The two man tent is spacious enough for both users to sit up in and can hold plenty of gear both inside the tent and in each of the two vestibules (porches).

From £400.95 ex. VAT

MSR Hubba NX Solo


The Hubba NX Solo is a free-standing 1 person tent ideal for lightweight backpacking, particularly good in hot weather due to good ventilation which is achieved with the upper half of the inner being mesh and a flysheet which isn't close to the ground. It is an inner pitching first tent with a pole structure attaching to the inner and then the outer attaching over the top. This structure is free-standing with only the porch corner needing to being pegged out.

£408.33 ex. VAT £363.82 ex. VAT

Nordisk Telemark 2.2 PU


The Nordisk Telemark Series is loved for its ideal combination of space, weight, easy handling and a sturdy construction. With the introduction of a 2-door PU version, it is not only suitable for ultralight adventures and long-distance running, it also becomes the obvious choice for hikers, looking for a sturdy and durable shelter that will neither fill up their pack nor cause a pain in the back.

£340.00 ex. VAT £208.33 ex. VAT

Salewa Litetrek II


The Salewa Litetrek II is a lightweight, robust and reliable, self-supporting 2-person tent for alpine trekking.

£295.83 ex. VAT £263.59 ex. VAT

Vaude Mark L 2P


The Mark L 2P tent is a great design by Vaude for those who need something with space yet can pack down small in a rucksack. It is still a durable tent even though light and has excellent air circulation provided by the window ventilation and weather-proof scoop vents at the entrances. You can sit upright comfortably inside, good for when you need to take shelter but not sleep quite yet.

£400.00 ex. VAT £356.40 ex. VAT