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Petzl Basic


The Basic ascender is a lightweight, compact and multi-purpose ascender that works great for hauling systems, ascending fixed lines or as self-protection when climbing with a fixed rope. A self cleaning cam and angled teeth ensure a secure grip on the rope.

£49.87 inc. VAT £44.23 inc. VAT

Petzl Tandem


The Petzl Tandem is a great basic pulley that has a wide variety of applications. This tandem pulley can be used on ropes up to 13mm and the sheaths are mounted on self-lubricating bushes for good levels of efficiency. The sides of the pulley are fixed, they also feature two large mounting eyes. The mounting eyes will easily accept up to three carabiners.

£44.89 inc. VAT £39.82 inc. VAT

Petzl 5 Bar Rack


Petzl's 5 Bar Rack is an update to the classic brake bar descender. The design and configuration of the bars makes setting up and inserting the rope easy. The device allows the user to adjust the number of bars engaged on the rope to obtain the necessary the amount of friction while descending to adapt to changing conditions such as rope weight, terrain, etc. The rack is desgined to use on long descents on single or double ropes.

£79.80 inc. VAT £70.78 inc. VAT

Petzl Anchor Driver with Pivot Handle for P12


Petzl's Perfo Spe Anchor Driver is a hand drill for use with 8mm self drilling anchors such as the Petzl Cheville. It is compact and lightweight, with a pivoting handle to assist with grip in damp cave conditions. Petzl have instructions for use with the Cheville expansion bolts here

£29.93 inc. VAT £26.54 inc. VAT

Petzl Coudee Simple Hanger


The Coudee is a simple hanger for use with 8mm spits that holds the karabiner or maillon perpendicular to the rock, thus reducing rope abrasion. This is useful for situations where a pitch is to be rigged as a pull through, but could increase wear on karabiners if the rope is to be re-ascended. In this situation, a Vrillee twist hangerwould be better.

£4.19 inc. VAT £3.72 inc. VAT

Petzl Ascentree


The Petzl Ascentree is a clamp for ascending trees using double ropes and footlocks or pantin foot ascenders. The cam is chrome-plated steel with angled teeth and self-cleaning slot to grip the rope even when muddy or icy. It is integrated into the clamp to stop rubbing.

£174.00 inc. VAT £154.32 inc. VAT

Petzl Huit


The Petzl Huit is a classic figure 8 rapelling device for descending on single or double ropes. Its square shape reduces twisting of the ropes and the formation of a lark's head hitch. The small hole can be used either with thin ropes if necessary, or as a belay plate. For use on ropes from 8 to 13mm diameter.

£13.97 inc. VAT £12.40 inc. VAT

Petzl Lift Spacer


Spreader for Petzl Newton harness allows upright descent/retrieval (for confined spaces). Clips to the web slots on the shoulder straps of the Petzl Newton harness via triangular pattern karabiners, which are included.

£108.00 inc. VAT £95.78 inc. VAT