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Petzl Shackles


The Petzl Shackles are for connecting a seat. Connection to a gated attachment point on harnesses ensures optimal integration of equipment.

£14.00 ex. VAT £12.44 ex. VAT

Beal Styx Belt


The Beal Styx Belt is a workstation support belt that is easily adjustable. The side positioning rings can be adjusted to suit all body shapes and situations by simply sliding them. This belt is compatible with the STYX FAST harness and has a wide foam belt to offer maximum comfort to the wearer and a quick buckle on the belt.

£72.49 ex. VAT £64.04 ex. VAT

Petzl Lanyard connector holder


The Petzl Lanyard connector holders install on the shoulder straps of Volt, Volt Wind, Avao Bod, Avao Bod Fast and Astro Bod Fast harnesses and Top, Top Crolls and Top Croll L chest harnesses. They provide stowage for the MGO connectors on fall arrest lanyards, on each shoulder strap, allowing the user to be unhindered by the lanyard and to keep the connectors within reach.

£9.00 ex. VAT £8.00 ex. VAT

Petzl Lift Spacer


Spreader for Petzl Newton harness allows upright descent/retrieval (for confined spaces). Clips to the web slots on the shoulder straps of the Petzl Newton harness via triangular pattern karabiners, which are included.

£85.00 ex. VAT £75.52 ex. VAT

Petzl Pitagor


The Petzl Pitagor evacuation triangle is designed for rescue operations and cable lift evacuations. The ergonomic shape of the seat and the presence of shoulder straps makes suspension more comfortable than with a classic evacuation triangle. Color-coding differentiates the back and seat, as well as the closure system, making it easier to put on the evacuee. The high-strength TPU tarp material allows regular to intensive use.

£90.00 ex. VAT £79.96 ex. VAT

Petzl Sequoia Adjustable Bridge


The Petzl Sequoia Adjustable Bridge is suitable for use with the Sequoia® and Sequoia® SRT harnesses that allows quick and precise adjustment of the position of progression tools installed on the bridge.

£63.00 ex. VAT £55.97 ex. VAT

SAR Products Lifting Bridle


The SAR Products Lifting Bridle is used in conjunction with an over the shoulder fall arrest type harness for confined space rescue/extraction. It ensures the user is suspended in a true vertical manner, reducing the chance of snagging or entrapment.

£72.14 ex. VAT £64.28 ex. VAT