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Deuter Raincover 1

The Deuter Raincover 1 will ensure that the contents of your pack stay stay dry after a day out in bad weather. This raincover offers excellent rain protection thanks to its PU coating and taped seams. Comes in 2 different luminous colours for additional safety on roads or in an emergency.

From £19.73 inc. VAT

Deuter Raincover 3

The Deuter Raincover 3 is ideal for rainy climates, this will ensure your bag and its contents stay dry in a shower or downpour of rain, sleet or snow. The PU coating ensures a high standard of protection and taped seams means water doesn't leak through. Coming in two bright, luminous colours: neon yellow and blue also adds safety so you can be seen when wearing it on a bike, or in the mountains.

From £24.22 inc. VAT

Deuter Raincover II

The Deuter Raincover II will help ensure that the contents of your rucksack remain dry after days out in bad weather conditions. Excellent rain protection is achieved by the PU coating and taped and welded seams. Comes in a choice of luminous colours, for additional safety and visibility on roads or in an emergency.

Deuter Raincover Mini

The Deuter Raincover Mini is a waterproof rain cover for your Deuter backpack. Made with a PU coating, taped and welded seams and reflective detailing for added safety and visibility in low light conditions. Secured with an elasticated hem, this rain cover has been designed for use with small day packs up to 22 litres.

Deuter Raincover Mini

The Deuter Raincover Mini is a waterproof cover that fits around your bag or rucksack to keep it protected from the elements. Whether in rain, sleet or snow, this raincover is sure to keep the contents of your pack nice and dry (whatever the weather). Available in a range of bright and funky colours, these covers also provide you with visibility for safety on busy roads and in dark areas.

From £14.80 inc. VAT

Exped Sitpad Flex


Rapidly deployed, lightweight, surprisingly comfortable and versatile closed-cell foam sit pad. Low profile 3-panel design fits in side-pockets or mesh panels of backpacks and bike bags. Works well as a cushion on a kayak or canoe seat and as insulation in lightweight backpacking chairs. Excellent insulation for sitting in a snow-kitchen.

£9.50 inc. VAT £8.38 inc. VAT

Lowe Alpine Cord Lock

The Lowe Alpine Cord Locks are replacement cord locks for rucksack or equipment drawcords, supplied in assorted colours. Perfect to keep handy at home or on expeditions. They are also great for making your own pacing beads.

From £0.43 inc. VAT

Lowe Alpine Raincover

Keep your pack dry with the Lowe Alpine Raincover. This is a lightweight nylon rain cover that comes with a storage bag.

From £15.98 inc. VAT

Mammut Lithium Add-On Bottle Holder


The Mammut Lithium Add-On Bottle Holder is a lightweight bottle holder, which can be mounted on a backpack hip belt or shoulder strap using hook and loop fastener or an open compartment. It can then be adjusted to the size of the bottle. Suitable for max. 1-liter bottles.

£19.00 inc. VAT £16.93 inc. VAT

Multimat Compact Kumfie (Folding)

The Multimat Compact Kumfie (folding) is a practical and adaptable cushioned mat that conveniently fits into your bag. It provides added warmth and comfort wherever you choose to rest during your outdoor adventures. These mats come in various colors and serve as a valuable accessory for backpackers, campers, and hikers alike. When folded, it measures a compact 290 x 95 x 28mm, easily slipping into your pocket for on-the-go convenience.

From £5.18 inc. VAT

Multimat Standard 8mm Kumfie


The Multimat Standard 8mm Kumfie is a large sit mat that provides you with a spacious 15ins x 11ins to perch on, yet it still weighs less than an ounce so you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying it. It will not only make all the difference to your comfort but as it’s made from a waterproof and non-absorbent foam it will also keep you warm and dry.

£1.99 inc. VAT £1.75 inc. VAT

Ordnance Survey Sit Map


Sitting down for a mug of tea when out on a walk is a real pleasure. Now you can sit in comfort with this waterproof and padded seat featuring a map of your favourite area.

£14.99 inc. VAT £13.36 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit Accessory Strap Alloy Buckle

The Sea to Summit Accessory Strap Alloy Buckle is a versatile accessory strap with a quick release hook buckle. The buckle is lightweight and made with 7075 anodised alloy.

From £7.99 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit Field Repair Buckle Ladderlock 1 pin

If your current buckle on your rucksack/ backpack has broken, then this is the ideal replacement. An easy and permanent solution for broken buckles. Usually found on the straps on most top-loading backpacks. Fitted with strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel pins, a very hard-wearing and durable product. To repair or replace this, simply use a screwdriver to take apart and put on- it's really easy!

From £3.53 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit Field Repair Buckle Side Release

This repair buckle from Sea to Summit should be a part of any walkers equipment. In the event that one of the buckles on your rucksack breaks, this small and lightweight piece of kit will save you potentially hours of discomfort. Made using strong, stainless steel pins, the buckle is attached to the strap by tightening the pin using a screwdriver. Using a small multitool a buckle can be changed in the field within minutes.

From £3.53 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit Field Repair Buckle Side Release 1 Pin

Perfect for broken buckles when out on expeditions. The pin is removed with the use of a screw driver and eliminates the need for the buckle to be sewn into place. This is a replacement buckle for 38 mm straps. Designed to be attached without the need for sewing thanks to the pin.

From £3.59 inc. VAT