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Dryrobe Changing Mat

The Dryrobe Changing Mat has been designed to give you a clean, dry surface to stand on whilst getting changed in and out of your wetsuit, before or after swimming, surfing or any other outdoor watersports. It is made with 100% recycled fabrics approved by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

From £16.67 ex. VAT

Jobe Infinity Seascooter with Bag and Snorkel Set


The Jobe Infinity Seascooter gives you the opportunity to discover the waters in a way you've never done before! This electrically powered, self floating underwater scooter zooms you through the water to depths up to 30 metres, reinventing fun below the surface. Featuring 3 speeds and a built in GoPro mount so you can capture the views like never before.

£624.99 ex. VAT £499.18 ex. VAT

Jobe Wet Gear Bag


The Jobe Wet Gear Bag is a heavy-duty bag made with waterproof tarpaulin material. It has two webbing handles to make it easy to carry and transport your gear without getting everything else wet!

£24.99 ex. VAT

Restube Swim RESTUBE Honey


The Restube Swim Honey is the perfect accessory for active and ambitious swimmers. It can be worn on the small of the back and used as a Rest/Emergency aid or inflated for the swimmer to alert other waterway traffic of their position. Because of its compact size and ultralight material, it is perfect for swimmers, or as a secondary PFD for paddlers. Still the buoyancy of the buoy is 75N, enough for all body sizes.

£72.08 ex. VAT £64.42 ex. VAT

Shaman Products Smiley Nose Plug


The Shaman Products Smiley Nose Plug is the perfect solution for keeping the water out of your nose whilst whitewater kayaking. This kayaking nose plug, comes fitted with a small cord lanyard. This means that when you are kayak playboating, you can secure it to your canoe helmet to keep it secure.

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.23 ex. VAT

Swim Research Swim Buoy Dry Bag


The Swim Research Swim Buoy Dry Bag is a great bag to carry your kit/valuables in when going for a swim outdoors. This bag also doubles up as a swim buoy and will provide you with extra visibility when swimming in open water.

£20.83 ex. VAT

Telic Dream

The Telic Dream clogs are made entirely from Novalon, a unique blend of elasto-polymers that provide exceptional cushioning, rebound and elasticity. Novalon is heat reactive, so when warmed it will conform to the shape of your foot for amazing levels of comfort. Not only do these clogs absorb shock while you are walking but they also retains their shape for longer. So you don’t have to worry about them flattening out through use.

From £37.13 ex. VAT

Typhoon Pro Silicone Childs Set

The Typhoon Pro Silicone Childs set is a great snorkelling set, made in a smaller size that's suitable for children. The face mask has strong, tempered glass lenses and soft silicone around the outside that will seal against a wide range of face shapes, keeping water out of the mask.

From £29.95 ex. VAT

Typhoon Pro Silicone Combo Set

The Typhoon Pro Silicone Combo Set is a professional quality diving set made with long lasting silicone and tempered glass lenses. The snorkel has a water-trap at the bottom and one-way purge to keep water away from the airway as well as a built in whistle for emergencies.

From £33.29 ex. VAT

Typhoon T-Jet Adjustable Foot Fin

The Adult's Typhoon T-Jet Adjustable Foot Fin is an open-heel snorkelling fin that's both comfortable and stylish. It's also great to share around the family due to its handy adjustable foot pocket and strap design. This fin is ideal for travelling and pool use.

From £29.13 ex. VAT

Typhoon T-Jet Adjustable Foot Fin Childs

The Typhoon T-Jet Adjustable Foot Fin Childs is just like the adult version, but scaled down for kids - smaller foot pieces and reduced flukes to help keep the more manageable.

From £24.95 ex. VAT

Zone3 100% Natural Glide


The Zone3 100% Natural Glide is an anti-chaffing protective balm, which is made in Canada with 100% natural and organic ingredients. It provides fantastic protection against chaffing in wetsuits and other outdoor swimming gear.

£12.50 ex. VAT £11.92 ex. VAT

Zone3 2 Led Light 28L Backpack Buoy


The Zone3 Led Light Buoy shares all the features of their popular swim safety buoy and dry bag (28L). The Led bag also includes reflective logos and Led lights with a strobe option for low light conditions and enhanced visibility.

£49.17 ex. VAT £46.67 ex. VAT

Zone3 2 Led Light 28L Dry Bag Buoy


The LED Light 28L Dry Bag Buoy from Zone3 shares all the features of their popular swim safety buoy and dry bag. The LED light version includes reflective logos and LED lights with a strobe options for low light conditions and enhanced visibility. The buoy also features additional storage capabilities including a waterproof front pouch for your phone.

£40.83 ex. VAT £38.20 ex. VAT

Zone3 Apollo Goggles

The Zone3 Apollo Goggles have been designed for people with smaller heads, that struggle to find other goggles that fit correctly. This goggle is designed with a smaller, hydrodynamic and flexible frame that cuts through the water and conforms to smaller head sizes, without compromising vision or comfort.

From £15.84 ex. VAT

Zone3 Aspect Goggles

The Aspect Goggles from Zone3 offer superb vision and speed without sacrificing comfort. Built with Lucid crystal clear lenses, 100% UVA/UVB protection and anti-fog treatment, they are available in 9 different colour options with a choice of mirrored or clear finishes.

From £22.01 ex. VAT