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Doc's ProPlugs ProPlugs Vented with Leash

Designed to protect the ear from cold water, impact, loud noise, and high frequency noise, while still allowing you to hear normal sounds.

From £18.03 ex. VAT

Jobe Glassfloat


Never lose your glasses again with the Jobe Glassfloat. The cord will float your glasses to the water surface if they fall off and its bright colour will make them all the more easy to spot!

£7.49 ex. VAT

Palm Eyewear Band


The Palm Eyewear Band will keep your glasses or sunglasses in place whilst on the water. It's a simple 2.5 neoprene band with tubes at each end that you can thread the arms of your glasses through.

£6.67 ex. VAT £5.90 ex. VAT

SurfEars SurfEars 2.0 Junior

The SurEars Junior 2.0 have been specially developed for children, to keep their ears safe while they enjoy time in the water.

From £29.17 ex. VAT

SurfEars SurfEars 3.0

The Surfears 3.0 earplugs are an excellent choice for preventing exostosis, commonly known as Surfers Ear. This condition involves abnormal bone growth in the ear, leading to the blockage of the ear canal. Ideal for activities like kayaking, swimming, or surfing, these earplugs are supplied in a tidy storage case. Additionally, they include three different-sized sealing gels, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit.

From £41.67 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment Fish Tail Ear Plugs

The Whetman Equipment Fish Tail Ear Plugs prevent water ingress into the ears and protect against wind exposure. For kayakers and other watersports enthusiasts, water ingress can seriously affect your balance during activities in the water. They also help to prevent Surfer's Ear which can lead to deafness and balance problems in the long run.

From £11.11 ex. VAT

Shaman Products Smiley Nose Plug


The Shaman Products Smiley Nose Plug is the perfect solution for keeping the water out of your nose whilst whitewater kayaking. This kayaking nose plug, comes fitted with a small cord lanyard. This means that when you are kayak playboating, you can secure it to your canoe helmet to keep it secure.

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.23 ex. VAT
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