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Islander Kayaks Calypso Sport

The Islander Kayaks Calypso Sport is a single seat sit-on-top kayak that's ideal for exploring the coast, cruising round your local lake and playing in the surf. The Calypso Sport is suitable for paddlers up to 145kg in weight and features a self -bailing hull system, so in the event of a capsize you can easily flip it over and climb back on. This kayak has 3 areas for storage, multiple grab handles for easy handling and a padded kayak seat for maximum comfort.

From £486.43 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Koa Sport

The Islander Kayaks Koa Sport is a lightweight, compact and playful kayak that's perfect for a day at the beach or an easy paddle down a local waterway. This sit-on-top is equally suited to both adults and children, making it a great option for family days out. With all of that said, don't be fooled, the Koa Sport cuts smoothly through the water and jumps easily over the surf – you’ll feel the performance of a much bigger boat!

From £451.32 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Koa Sport Recycled


The Islander Kayaks Koa Sport Recycled stands out as a lightweight and incredibly family-friendly sit-on-top kayak. Perfect for a relaxed, affordable, easy-to-handle and enjoyable day out for the entire family. While the Sport version offers a higher specification compared to the Koa Beach, it retains numerous excellent features to enhance the paddling experience. Boasting a 115kg capacity, a comfortable moulded integral seat, backrest, and multi-position footrests, the Koa accommodates paddlers of various shapes and sizes.

£440.83 ex. VAT £413.17 ex. VAT

RTM Makao Comfort

The RTM Makao Comfort is a single seat sit-on-top kayak that's fun and easy to paddle. It's perfect for paddling around the bay, playing in the surf or even exploring your local lake. The Makao has a very simple but modern design, featuring a self-bailing hull for the best levels of kayak safety, plus a comfortable seat that includes a fold-down backrest. There are also two areas of storage, a centre kayak hatch and a rear tank well.

From £522.72 ex. VAT

Tootega Kinetic 100 Hydrolite

The Tootega Kinetic 100 Hydrolite is a lightweight sit-on-top kayak suitable for the solo paddler. It's super lightweight and offers additional directional stability thanks to its retractable skeg. The self-bailing hull system maintains the best levels of safety, while the moulded-in seat offers great comfort. There are three areas of storage, so you will have plenty of space for any additional kit.

From £568.81 ex. VAT

Tootega Kinetic 100 Standard

The Tootega Kinetic 100 Standard is possibly the best sit-on-top kayak available, it features a retractable skeg that offers the best possible levels of directional stability and a performance hull design that makes it ideal for touring, surfing and general paddling - whether that be on your local river, lake or canal. It also incorporates a deck design with comfortable seating, several storage options and mounting points for thigh braces. Safety is then ensured by the self-bailing hull system.

From £514.96 ex. VAT

Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite

The Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite edition is an advanced, lightweight and versatile sit-on-top kayak that's constructed with polyethylene and weighing in at just 14kg. Thanks to it's carefully optimised build process, this version of The Pulse 85 has been able to shave off nearly 20% of the weight (about 4kg) of the standard model.

From £491.89 ex. VAT

Tootega Pulse 85 Standard

The Tootega Pulse 85 is a single person sit-on-top kayak. Although this is a small kayak, it's still suitable for paddlers up to 90Kg in weight. It has been packed full of features that include moulded-in grab handles, a rear tank well for storing a kayak dry bag and a central kayak hatch for additional storage. Comfort and support are achieved from the foot pegs and the moulded-in seat pan. Further comfort can be achieved by adding a padded kayak seat.

From £461.12 ex. VAT

Tootega Pulse 95 Standard

The Tootega Pulse 95 is a 1 person sit on top kayak that's ideal for paddlers up to 125kg. It features a self-draining hull for the best levels of kayak safety, as well as a moulded-in seat and footrests for comfort. At the rear of the kayak is a tank well that offers basic storage for a kayak dry bag. Further storage is available in the form of a storage hatch, which is located in the centre of the kayak. This kayak is easily man handled, thanks to the front, rear and side kayak grab handles.

From £461.12 ex. VAT

Wilderness Systems Tarpon E 100

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon E 100 is a sit on top kayak that's designed for solo paddlers. It offers some of the best comfort and performance available and is ideal for flat water use, whether you’re cruising along the canal or exploring your local lake. With this type of recreational kayaking in mind, the Tarpon 100 has a comfortable padded seat, a good amount of storage for long days on the water and a self-bailing hull system, offering the highest levels of kayak safety.

From £695.54 ex. VAT

Tootega Kinetic 100 Huntsman

The Tootega Kinetic 100 Huntsman is sit-on-top fishing kayak that's been designed and manufactured in the UK. The Kinetic 100 Huntsman is one of the best options out there and is perfect for coastal fishing trips where you want explore the bays. This is a versatile kayak that features a retractable skeg that will enhance the directional stability. The carrying capacity is 140kg, so its capable of carrying the larger paddler or a good catch of fish. There are rear facing rod holders and a further two hatches for storage.

From £568.81 ex. VAT

Tootega Pulse 85 Huntsman

The Tootega Pulse 85 huntsman is the smallest fishing kayak in this range. This fishing kayak is perfect for use within sheltered bays, inland lakes and waterway’s. It has a super stable hull and is great for carrying up to 90kg. The Pulse 85 is designed and made in the UK and each kayak has its own unique serial number. As a sit on top kayak for fishing, this boat comes supplied and fitted with two rear flush mounted rod holders and a padded seat unit.

From £514.96 ex. VAT

Tootega Pulse 95 Huntsman

The Tootega Pulse 95 Huntsman is a single seat sit-on-top kayak for fishing. This angling kayak features a self-bailing hull system, so in the event of capsizing you can turn the boat back over and climb on. The Pulse 95 is suitable for paddlers up to 125kg, it has moulded-in front, rear and side grab handles so it’s easy to handle and the centre of the kayak features a 6" storage hatch. Located behind the removable seat unit there are two flush mounted rod holders that are ideal for trawling.

From £514.96 ex. VAT
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