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Crampon Fitting ServiceWe are proud to provide a reknowned crampon fitting service for Cardiff and South Wales. Follow the link to find out more about the service we offer and what other areas we provide a fitting service for.

Please browse here before you visit or order online to see our range of mountaineering and climbing crampons from brands such as Black Dimaond, Grivel, Kahtoola, Petzl and Salewa.

If you are looking for walking crampons please head to our walking crampons and ice axes section.

When you visit us and you really should if you get the chance, make sure you come with plenty of time to make the most of our thorough crampon fitting service. Bring your boots along that you want the crampons to fit and you can test them all out on our in store synthetic ice climbing wall.







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Black Diamond Crampon Bag


The Black Diamond Crampon Bag is a puncture-resistant bag made from tough and durable nylon, with a zippered closure. It will stop its contents from punching holes in your pack and protect your gear from sharp points. The front panel has been made with mesh for quick-drying after long days on the ice. It also features handy webbing that you can attach to the outside of your rucksack.

£17.00 inc. VAT £15.28 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Sabretooth Clip


From moderate local ice flows to classic mountaineering routes and technical alpine faces, the Black Diamond Sabretooth Clip Crampon is BD's best all-around crampon for the spectrum of frozen objectives. The Sabretooth’s redesigned stainless steel construction incorporates a strong, yet light design with durable horizontal front points and increased rocker in the front rail to accommodate modern mountain boots.

£170.00 inc. VAT £152.74 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Serac Clip


The Black Diamond Serac Clip is a lightweight, 12-point crampon with a clip configuration. The Serac Crampons are suitable for use in the variable, moderate terrains of classic mountaineering routes in places such as the Alps, the Tetons and the cascades. Their redesigned stainless steel construction incorporates a strong but lightweight design with a rocker in the front rai to accommodate modern mountain boots.

£160.00 inc. VAT £143.75 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Harfang ABS


The Blue Ice Harfang ABS are a pair of TPU anti-balling plates for Harfang crampons. They will prevent snowballing and keep you from losing traction in any snow conditions.

£23.00 inc. VAT £20.63 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Harfang Alpine Crampon


The Blue Ice Harfang Alpine Crampons have been designed to fit all mountain boots with front and rear welts. It has two attachment systems; automatic and semi-automatic. Both the front and rear rails are equipped with an antibott system and the front rail is asymmetrical to offer maximum performance and balance. The Harfang Alpine Crampons come with a handy storage bag that can attach to the waist belt on your backpack for quick deployment when needed.

£165.00 inc. VAT £147.98 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Harfang Enduro Crampon


The Blue Ice Harfang Enduro Crampons offer the perfect balance of durability, packability and weight. They have a chromoly steel front, secondary and rear that are connected by a flexible main textile strap. This system allows the user to mount it in the most suitable position, based on the application and geometry of the boots. The Harfang Enduro has been designed to fit any boot with a heel welt and includes the 2 front bail systems; full automatic and semi automatic which are easily interchangeable.

£125.00 inc. VAT £112.10 inc. VAT

Grivel Air Tech Evo


The Grivel Air Tech Evo is a technical 12-point crampon, suitable for routes with rock and ice, glacier walking and technical mountaineering. It has 12 short steel points, 8 of which are front and 4 rear. The position of the points is designed to keep the foot steady during ascents, descents and traverses. It adapts to any type of boot thanks to the regulation bar in the middle, we have chosen to range the New Matic Evo binding with the nylon basket at the front and the clip in heel for use on stiff B2 to B3 mountain boots for fast secure use.

£140.00 inc. VAT £125.57 inc. VAT

Grivel Anti-balling Plates

From £32.29 inc. VAT

Grivel Crampon Bag (Grivel)


The Grivel Crampon Bag will protect your crampons and the rest of your kit by storing them separately in this handy crampon bag - A basic no-fuss, lightweight, envelope style crampon bag.

£18.00 inc. VAT £16.14 inc. VAT

Grivel Crampon Crown


The Grivel Crampon Crown offers protection for the points of the crampons - The Crampon Crown was created to protect the crampon points. It is a rubber protection that covers the points, protecting your backpack and its contents. Adaptable to all crampons with 10 or 12 points thanks to its innovative circular and flexible shape.

£10.00 inc. VAT £8.96 inc. VAT

Grivel Crampon Safe (Grivel)


The Grivel Crampon Safe is rectangular in shape, with 2 zips to allow quick and wide access and reinforced base so that the crampons points don't come through and damage items in your sack. Has a mesh top which helps the crampons dry quicker.

£19.50 inc. VAT £17.50 inc. VAT

Grivel Flex Bar


The Grivel Flex Bar is the flexible bar for crampons. Designed to give maximum comfort when walking, it is flexible and elastic, it accompanies the foot in every movement.

£11.00 inc. VAT £9.86 inc. VAT

Grivel Flex Long Bar


The Grivel Long Flex Bar is a pair of long flexible bars to connect Grivel crampon front and rear sections to large size boots if the standard bar is not long enough. The flex is required for B stiffness boots.

£11.00 inc. VAT £9.86 inc. VAT

Grivel G12

The Grivel G12 is the tried and tested 'king of crampons' and is equipped with the famous Grivel proactive Antibott both in the front and the rear. This 12 point allrounder is equally at home winter walking, on rimed-up rock, or half way up the Post Face. With a variety of bindings to fit most winter boots.

From £143.50 inc. VAT

Grivel Monte Rosa


The Grivel Monta Rosa is lightweight, flexible crampon for general mountaineering use. They can be fully adjusted by hand, and can be folded easily, which makes them ideal for packing them into bags. Where this crampon excels is in ski touring, trekking, and for those with smaller boots that require less points under foot.

£100.00 inc. VAT £89.69 inc. VAT

Grivel Racing (Fruit Bolt On)


The Grivel Racing Crampons are a performance crampon for competitions and dry tooling, to be bolted directly on the shoes. The Racing crampon is used for both ice and on rock and the pieces have to be mounted directly onto the climbing shoes. It has a forged steel front point wich is replaceable in case of wear. The forging allows a three-dimensional shape to improve both the penetration into the ice, without rebounds, and provides great support.

£130.00 inc. VAT £116.59 inc. VAT