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Light My Fire Grandpa's FireFork Bio

The Light My Fire Grandpa's FireFork Bio attaches firmly to any stick you find lying around and also makes an excellent fire poker. You can grill all the classic and more using this simple, yet practical little tool. The FireFork is a great idea that adds an extra bit of fun to grilling outdoors.

From £10.54 inc. VAT

Light My Fire Grandpa's FireGrill


Extend your adventurous outdoor menu with a portable and adjustable grill. Just add a stick. Stainless steel grill, best for BBQ’s, camping, picnics, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Compact, practical, portable and a brilliant way to extend your adventurous outdoor menu. Cook over open fire, veggies, burgers, chicken, fish, toasties and more

£26.95 inc. VAT £23.84 inc. VAT

Petromax Campfire Skewers

The Petromax Campfire Skewers come in a choice of two different prong styles, straight or bent - both have extended arms that will keep you a safe distance away from the fire and are adjustable. The handle has been made with high-quality beech wood and the prongs are stainless steel. These skewers are great for cooking around the campfire, whether you're roasting marshmallows, sausages or vegetables! Both skewers come in packs of two.

From £22.24 inc. VAT

Petromax Dutch Oven Lid Lifter


The Petromax Dutch Oven Lid Lifter makes lifting or putting on hot lids safe and easy. It has a comfortable, curved handle that fits securely in the hand and the length guarantees your hands stay a safe distance from the hot lid. The lifter is universally applicable so can be used with all Petromax dutch ovens.

£10.96 inc. VAT £9.76 inc. VAT

Petromax Dutch Oven Professional Lid Lifter


The Petromax Dutch Oven Professional Lid Lifter makes lifting and replacing hot lids from pans and dutch ovens safe and easy. With a length of 34 cm (13.4 in), the lid lifter ensures an optimal distance from the hot cooking area. Moreover, it offers a secure and comfortable grip thanks to the clever clamping mechanism.

£24.95 inc. VAT £22.24 inc. VAT

Robens Carson Lid Lifter


Designed specifically for the Robens Dutch Oven, this little tool lifts the lid of the pot when it's too hot to touch with bare hands.

£8.99 inc. VAT £8.35 inc. VAT

Robens Fire Fork


The Robens Fire Fork is small, light and compact. This campfire toasting fork is the most stylish way for roasting marshmallows while out on your camping adventures. This is a great piece of open fire cooking equipment, it features a wooden handle and internally there is a telescopic steel arm. This ensures that your sausages or marshmallows can be cooked to perfection with out having to get too close to the fire, you can also use it from the comfort of your camping chair. What more do you want!?

£10.99 inc. VAT £10.07 inc. VAT

Wolf and Grizzly Cook Set


The Cook Set by Wolf and Grizzly was designed with bike-packing, raft-packing and overlanding in mind, it combines compact and robust cookware with a height-adjustable frame system and a collapsible, envelope-sized fire pit. This is a compact fire cooking system that reduces the footprint that campfires leave behind. The cook set is a 9-piece cooking multi-kit designed to be used with the W&G grill to cook directly over the campfire.

£144.95 inc. VAT £133.85 inc. VAT

Highlander Survival Can Opener


The Highlander Survival Can Opener is a compact can & bottle opener with key ring attachment point.

£2.50 inc. VAT £2.33 inc. VAT