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Care Plus Foot Powder


This foot powder can help to easy discomfort on long hikes by keeping the feet dry. The powder also reduces and prevents burning, sores and blisters. Apply to dry feet before and during a hike and dust away any extra powder. Can also be applied around plaster edges to prevent them getting caught on clothing.

£7.00 inc. VAT £6.19 inc. VAT

Lifeventure Silicone Flight Bottle Set


The lifeventure flight bottle set is great for anyone traveling, whether it be by plane, boat or car.  This handy set of silicone bottles are ideal as they all meet airport customs requirements. They are also squeezable, so can easily get liquids out of them. Super durable TPU outer case with zip closure, will ensure that contents do not spill all over your case!

£14.99 inc. VAT £13.14 inc. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Bath & Sink Plug


Lifeventure's Travel Bath/Sink Plug has a diameter of 6.4cm which is the size of a standard sink plug so will fit most sinks and baths in hostels and hotels worldwide. It has a metal ring pull on the top to attach to a string or cord. This is a very useful item to carry in your Wash Bag when travelling. For a more versatile plug that fits even bigger/smaller holes, check out Lifeventure's Universal Sink Plug.

£2.99 inc. VAT £2.58 inc. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Bottle Shower


Lifeventure Travel Bottle Shower is a screw-in shower head that can be used to turn a normal necked bottle (most water bottles in every day use around the world) into a shower. This is ideal for travelling, wild camping or for use at the beach. When the bottle is upturned, the bottle and head give a constant pumped shower flow- no squeezing is required.

£10.99 inc. VAT £9.64 inc. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Clothes Line


Lifeventure'selasticated Travel Clothes Line packs up small and doesn't require pegs! The twisted cords act to trap the corners of clothes, towels etc once it is hung. The handy hooks attached to each end can wrapping around trees and hook onto things. It would be very useful to hang your Lifeventure Soft Fibre Towel on.

£5.99 inc. VAT £5.24 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower


Made of the same waterproof fabric and roll-top closure STS's lightweight dry sacks, their Pocket Shower features a compact shower head that operates with an easy-to-use on/off twist mechanism. The twist spout also serves to adjust the flow of water, delivering an efficient trickle up to a free-flowing shower.

£24.00 inc. VAT £21.53 inc. VAT

StatGear Hygiene Hand Brass EDC Tool


The Hygiene Hand is made in the U.S.A. completely out of brass which is antimicrobial in nature and was designed to offer a more germ-free way to open doors and use shared surfaces like checkout screens or ATMs by working as a stylus and button pusher.

£19.96 inc. VAT £19.40 inc. VAT