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Paddle Shafts and Grips

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Streamlyte CXT Replacement Paddle Shaft (Carbon Extreme)

The Streamlyte Paddles CXT Replacment paddle shaft, is just one of many kayak paddle spare parts that we sell. This is a great option for repairing your paddle when you snap the shaft. This extrem, carbon paddle shaft is the same , as that used on models such as the Freeway Elite and also the Kinetic Polo CXT. The carbon extreme construction features a blend of 52% glass, 37% carbon and 11% kevlar. This simply delivers low weights but very high strengths. This replacemnt paddle shaft then comes in three different diamters, 25.4mm (narrow / small shaft), 26mm and also 27mm. The ends of the shaft are then feature an additional glass wrap for added strength and durability.

From £69.64 inc. VAT

Streamlyte HDG Replacement Paddle Shaft (Heavy Duty Glass)

The Streamlyte HDG Replacement Paddle shaft is just one of many kayak paddle spare parts that we sell here at Up and Under. This is a great option for replacing a broken shaft and is a farily easy job to do. This is the same type of paddle shaft that is found on kayak polo paddles such as the Kinetic Polo HDG. This paddle shaft features a 100% glass constrcution, but this is the heavy duty version. This has a good level of flex and is suitable for use in canoe polo or whitewater kayaking. It is then available in three different shaft dimaters which are 25.4mm, 26mm and also 27mm. The ends of the shaft then also incorporate an additional glass wrap which adds extra strength when the paddle blades are inserted.

From £40.46 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Index Grip


£1.99 inc. VAT £1.76 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Shrink Wrap

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Streamlyte Shrink Wrap & Grip


The Streamlyte Shrink wrap and grip is perfect to use when reassembling your broken polo paddle. This kayak paddle grip kit comes complete with the paddle grips and also two pieces of the paddle shrink wrap. General Features -------------------- Easy to fit Offers better grip and shaping on the paddle Supplied with: 1 x Paddle Index Grip @ 10" 2 x Paddle Shrink Wraps @ 14.5" --------------------

£4.00 inc. VAT £3.54 inc. VAT