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Nuts and Hexes

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DMM Brass Offset

From £16.51 inc. VAT

DMM Halfnut

If they look familiar it’s because they have the same tapered faces and side profile as DMM’s tried and tested Wallnuts. The reduced width makes them ideal for shallow cracks, pin scars, and situations where every gram counts. The combined weight of the 1-11 Halfnut sets are 42% lighter than the equivalent Wallnuts and they are similarly colour coded- Halfnuts excel in shallow placements, pin scars and situations where every gram counts.

From £11.93 inc. VAT

DMM IMP Brass Nut

From £16.51 inc. VAT

DMM Micro Wallnut

From £36.71 inc. VAT

DMM Offset Nut

From £11.00 inc. VAT

DMM Peenut

From £10.56 inc. VAT

DMM Protection Pack 1


Comprises Wallnut Set 1-11 and Offset Nut Set 7-11. With Free UK postage. Awesome savings!

£139.99 inc. VAT £128.51 inc. VAT

DMM Protection Pack 2


DMM Wallnut Set and Torque Nut Set in a pack deal.Comprises Wallnut Set 1-11 and Torque Nut Set 1-4 with FREE UK postage. Awesome savings!

£154.99 inc. VAT £142.28 inc. VAT

DMM Protection Pack 3


The DMM Protection Pack comprises Wallnut Set 1-11, Offset Nut Set 7-11 and Torque Nut Set 1-4. Free UK postage. Awesome savings!DMM Wallnut Set 1-11 DMM Offset Nut Set 7-11 DMM Torque Nut Set 1-4

£199.99 inc. VAT £183.60 inc. VAT

DMM Torque Nut

From £18.36 inc. VAT

DMM Wallnut

Despite their simple appearance, Wallnuts are highly featured pieces of climbing hardware. Different alloy is used for each size - smaller Wallnuts are made from a harder alloy to prevent shearing, while larger sizes are softer so they can bite into placements. Larger Wallnuts feature hollow construction to reduce weight.

From £10.56 inc. VAT

DMM Wallnut Set

DMM's colour coded anodised Wallnuts are quick to choose the right size (the colour coding also matches Wild Country's Rocks for mix and match). The tapered sides suit them to slightly outward flaring cracks whilst the clever teardrop indents make them fit even the most complex cracks and holes.

From £50.48 inc. VAT

Metolius Ultralight Curve Nut Set


The new Ultralight Asymmetric Curve Nuts have an asymmetric taper for greater stability in flaring placements. They are awesome for pin scars and the straight-sided taper makes it easy to judge placement quality. Also, they are 30% lighter than the competition, have anodized heads, and color-coded collars to match the cam colors.

£150.00 inc. VAT £134.06 inc. VAT

Trango Ballnutz

Trango Ballnutz use a sliding ball-and-ramp that wedge against each other to hold in small parallel-sided cracks. Their holding power is such that they give excellent strength and fit where previously you could only hammer home a peg.

From £42.90 inc. VAT

Wild Country Classic Rocks


Wild Country Classic Rocks in the original style, in a set of 1-10. Classic Rocks are a great introduction to the Wild Country range and are perfect for first leads and progressing through the grades. These are the nuts that changed climbing with their curved sides making placements more secure and giving leaders the confidence to try even tougher routes.

£68.50 inc. VAT £61.46 inc. VAT

Wild Country Rock

From £9.41 inc. VAT