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INOV8 Race Belt


The INOV8 Race Belt is a super comfortable, 3 lire waist pack that's been design for carrying poles, valuables and essential items of kit. It can be used alone or in addition to a pack and features a zipped pocket for storage of a smart phone or other valuables, as well as other pockets that are perfect for keeping gels, snacks or a small soft flask.

£29.17 ex. VAT £25.99 ex. VAT

INOV8 Race Elite Waist


The INOV8 Race Elite Waist is a super versatile and lightweight running bumbag that offers enough storage space for all your essential gear and compulsory race kit. The main 3L pocket has plenty of room for your waterproof jacket, trousers and race nutrition, whilst the side flask pocket is compatible with a 0.5L ultraflask for added hydration.

£33.33 ex. VAT £29.70 ex. VAT

INOV8 Race Ultra Pro Waist


The INOV8 Race Ultra Pro Waist is a versatile, 2-in-1 running belt that has a detachable 2.5L storage pocket. This means you can use it as a larger pack for long runs where you need to carry mandatory race kit, or strip it back for shorter, faster runs! The Ultra Pro Waist is easy to adjust on the go and conforms to your body shape for a secure and bounce-free fit.

£50.00 ex. VAT £44.55 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd WaistBelt 3


The OMM Ltd WaistBelt 3 is a bumbag for runners that offers enough space for your hill race kit and other essentials you may need quick access to on-the-go. Made with fast-wicking fabrics and a stable carry system, you'll hardly notice it's there when running.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.56 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd WaistBelt 6

The OMM Ltd WaistBelt 6 is a large capacity running waistbelt that will allow you to carry more than just the essentials. Designed for longer runs, the Wasitbelt 6 has enough capacity for spare layers, food and drink, allowing you to cover more ground with less stops. It comes with a 500ml Ultra Bottle that fits nicely into an easy-access pocket, to keep you hydrated on the move. This Waist pack is a great option for ultra distance challenges or mountain adventures where you may want to carry an extra bit of kit.

From £33.41 ex. VAT

Raidlight Activ Dual 600 Belt (Sample) - no bottles


The Raidlight Activ Dual 600ml hydration belt is designed for runners who don't want to take a pack. With a 1.5 litre storage capacity you can fit in everything you need for longer days and carry plenty of hydration. With two large, easy-access pockets.

£37.50 ex. VAT £18.75 ex. VAT

Raidlight Race Number Belt


The Raidlight Race Number Belt will not only display your race number without damaging your equipment. It also enables you to quickly and easily remove your number bib when adding or removing layers such as a waterproof jacket, meaning your number can always stay on top so you don't get missed at a checkpoint. It also has six small slots to carry gels.

£7.50 ex. VAT £6.89 ex. VAT

Ultimate Performance Race Number Magnets

The Ultimate Performance Race Number Magnets come as simple-to-use and secure pack of 4 magnets that will keep your race number in place. These handy lightweight magnets use strong magnetic connections to keep numbers in place, meaning no more pins or damage to your clothing!

From £8.91 ex. VAT

Lowe Alpine Mesa 6

The Lowe Alpine Mesa 6 is a belt pack that offers versatile storage options for hikes, runs and biking adventures. The Mesa 6 has been built around the breathable Air Contour™ lumbar pad that will keep you cool and dry by allowing air to flow freely and reducing the build-up of sweat. Its pre-curved shape contours perfectly to the body whilst the dual-cinch compression system stabilises the pack and reduces bounce as you negotiate rocky terrain. The Mesa 6 offers plenty or storage for days hiking and is sure to keep you comfortable when pushing your limits.

From £25.91 ex. VAT
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