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Pesda Press BCU Canoe and Kayak Handbook


The BCU (British Canoe Union) Canoe and Kayak Handbook is a must have publication for all canoe and kayak coaches. It is also a great book to have when getting into the world of canoeing and kayaking. It provides lot of information on all aspects of the sport and this is given over many chapters. It has seen input from some of the top UK paddlers and also a number of paddle sport equipment manufacturers. It features many colour photos and images that also help to relay the countless parts of useful information contained with in... General Features -------------------- Publisher - Pesda Press. Authors - Franco Ferrero Format - Paperback. Pages - 352 Publication Date - September 2002 Updated - 2012 ISBN - 0-9531956-5-1 --------------------

£18.95 inc. VAT £17.24 inc. VAT

Pesda Press BCU Coaching Handbook


The BCU Coaching handbook is the number one publication for the new kayaking coach, its also a great option for the canoeing coach! This coaching handbook has been compiled by a large number of highly respected people from UK paddle sport. It offers lots of useful information, that cover subjects such as coaching theory to include psychology and physiology. Generic coaching skills which offer great teaching tools, these will benefit all aspects of paddle sport. The final section is very specific, this is more aimed to an exact discipline such as kayak surfing. General Features -------------------- Publisher - Pesda Press. Authors - Franco Ferrero Format - Paperback Pages - 384 Publication Date - 1st April 2006 Updated - N/A ISBN 13 - 9780954706166 ISBN 10 - 0954706161 --------------------

£19.95 inc. VAT £18.15 inc. VAT

Pesda Press Kayak Rolling


A guide to help teach the art of rolling a kayak.

£9.99 inc. VAT £9.08 inc. VAT

Pesda Press Top Tips For Boaters


A simple, no nonsense book of ideas for kayaking collected by the coaches at Plas Y Brenin - one of the foremost outdoor education facilities in the world.

£4.95 inc. VAT £4.50 inc. VAT

Pesda Press White Water Safety & Rescue


£16.99 inc. VAT £15.45 inc. VAT

Rivers Publishing Canoe & Kayak Games


Canoe and Kayak Games - A compilation of games for canoeing and kayaking

£14.95 inc. VAT £13.60 inc. VAT