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Beal Pure Grip


250 mL of fast drying, long lasting, liquid chalk.Volume: 250mL

£11.99 inc. VAT £10.28 inc. VAT

Beta Chalk Chalk Ball


Convenient ball of chalk to stop accidental spills and get an even coating on your hands.

£2.50 inc. VAT £2.22 inc. VAT

DMM Liquid Chalk


Liquid chalk gives you the edge on long routes. It is more effective over time, and more resistant to wearing off than dry chalk. Liquid chalk forms a layer on your hands that absorbs sweat maintaining your grip on the holds.Size: 200ml Dries quickly to form a long lasting layer. More resistant to wearing off than dry chalk. Liquid form means less mess than dry chalk.

£8.99 inc. VAT £7.96 inc. VAT

Friction Labs Secret Stuff


The liquid chalk from Friction Labs helps with grip when you're in a sweat. Perfect for climbers, gymnastics and general gym work. Use less chalk with a helping of Secret Stuff.

£12.76 inc. VAT £11.89 inc. VAT

Friction Labs Unicorn Dust

From £2.82 inc. VAT

Metolius Block Chalk


Metolius chalk is made of the highest quality magnesium carbonate to absorb sweat and increas your climbing performance.2oz block

£1.75 inc. VAT £1.57 inc. VAT

Metolius Eco Ball


Chalk alternative for use in chalk sensitive areas. But no, it's not resin either so it doesn't leave residue on the crag. Its ideal for Fontainbleau and indoor walls where it keeps dust to a minimum. Also favoured for extra grip on your Yoga mat.

£4.50 inc. VAT £4.07 inc. VAT

Metolius Super Chalk Refillable Ball


Refillable chalk ball that comes full of Metolius Super Chalk and can be refilled. Its the grippy indoor climbers option.

£4.00 inc. VAT £3.58 inc. VAT

Metolius Superchalk

From £3.79 inc. VAT

Mura Climbing Block Chalk


50g of pure chalk. 100% high quality magnesium carbonate with no additives.100% Magnesium Carbonate No Additives

£1.75 inc. VAT £1.57 inc. VAT

Petzl Power Liquid


Power Liquid is a liquid chalk that dries quickly and keeps your hands dry for longer.Material(s): isopropyl alcohol, magnesium hydroxide carbonate, rosin, hydroxypropyl cellulose, styrax benzoin Volume: 200 ml

£9.60 inc. VAT £8.50 inc. VAT

Rock Technologies Liquid Chalk

From £4.25 inc. VAT