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Beal Pure Grip


Beal Pure Grip is a liquid chalk that provides a consistant and long lasting layer that can be topped up with normal powdered chalk. Liquid chalk has the benefit of lowering the amount of dust generated, and reducing the amount of times you need to chalk up while climbing.

£9.58 ex. VAT £8.47 ex. VAT

Beta Chalk Chalk Ball


The Beta Climbing Designs Chalk balls are a super convenient way to chalk up while climbing. They make it easy to refill your chalk bag and get rid of accidental spills in your car or on the bouldering mats. Squeezing the ball to release the chalk provides an even coating across the entire hand instead of just dusting the fingertips. Made with high quality European sourced climbers chalk – pure and simple with no funny additives.

£2.08 ex. VAT £1.99 ex. VAT

DMM Liquid Chalk


The DMM Liquid Chalk is ideal for ascending longer routes or tough boulder problems. Liquid chalk dries to give a resistant and effective layer that absorbs sweat to help give you more grip. Top up the layer with traditional dry chalk to help prolong the usage of both.

£8.33 ex. VAT £7.38 ex. VAT

Friction Labs Gorilla Grip

The Friction Labs Gorilla Grip climbing chalk has been designed to help you consistently climb at your limit. FrictionLabs chalk is made for climbers, by climbers and is now used and trusted by top athletes in all sports that require dependable, long-lasting grip. This isn’t the generic chalk you’re used to using. Stripped of all unnecessary fillers and responsibly refined in Denver, Colorado, FrictionLabs high purity magnesium carbonate provides unrivalled moisture absorption in a single application and is great for all skin types.

From £6.27 ex. VAT

Friction Labs Secret Stuff


Friction Labs Secret Stuff is a liquid chalk cream that helps with grip when you get in a sweat! It is best applied just before a climbing session, so you get the most out of your exercise and can also be used for gymnastics and general gym uses. Using Secret Stuff means you don't need as much chalk when you need to chalk up, and chalking up is less frequent too. It works with your skin to achieve the best grip possible when you need it the most.

£10.42 ex. VAT £9.80 ex. VAT

Friction Labs Secret Stuff (Alcohol Free)


The Friction Labs Alcohol Free Secret Stuff is the perfect base layer liquid chalk gel and is suitable for all skin types. FrictionLab's latest chalk innovation comes in an easy-to-apply gel that's ideal for use in the gym, as well as in dryer climates and is great for climbers that have naturally dry skin. It can be used alone or in combination with your choice of FrictionLabs loose chalk.

£10.42 ex. VAT £9.80 ex. VAT

Friction Labs Secret Stuff Hygienic (80% Alcohol)


The Friction Labs 80% Alcohol Hygienic Secret Stuff is the world's first hygienic chalk. Hand crafted in the USA using a patent pending base formula of 80% Ethyl alcohol, this liquid chalk will naturally cleanse and disinfect, whilst providing you with a confident grip. Secret Stuff will naturally cleanse and disinfect your hands, killing bacteria and getting rid of gunk and grime that builds up over the course of your normal day and during activity. This unique cream will deliver chalk deep into the texture of your hands - as soon as you use it, you'll see how well it gets into every nook and cranny.

£10.42 ex. VAT £9.80 ex. VAT

Friction Labs Unicorn Dust

Friction Lab's chalk has been made with climbers in mind. They take magnesium carbonate (chalk) and treat, refine, and grind it in Colorado, USA. Without using fillers, drying agents, or impurities, their chalk offers to keep your hands drier for longer, without compromising your skin. This pack is their finest grind called Unicorn Dust.

From £2.35 ex. VAT

Metolius Block Chalk


The Metolius Block Chalk is made of the highest quality magnesium carbonate. For use indoors and out, this chalk will absorb the sweat on your hands, improving your grip on the rock. The block can be broken down to a crumbly loose chalk form. This does not have a drying agent.

£1.67 ex. VAT £1.50 ex. VAT

Metolius Eco Ball


The Metolius Eco Ball is a chalk alternative for use in chalk sensitive areas. But no, it's not resin either so it doesn't leave residue on the crag. Its ideal for Fontainebleau and indoor walls where it keeps dust to a minimum. Also favoured for extra grip on your Yoga mat.

£4.58 ex. VAT £4.11 ex. VAT

Metolius Super Chalk Refillable Ball


The Metolius Super Chalk Refillable Ball comes full of Metolius Super Chalk and can be refilled. Its the grippy indoor climbers option.

£4.00 ex. VAT £3.59 ex. VAT

Metolius Superchalk

The Metolius Superchalk is loose chalk that's specifically formulated for rock climbing. It uses a safe drying agent added to the best quality magnesium carbonate. Fantastic sweat absorption and friction provision.

From £3.74 ex. VAT

OCUN Cool Chalk


The OCUN Cool Chalk has been developed and tested for use on cold, dry days in temperatures below 10°C. Cool Chalk has a rougher, not so dusty texture that works better in colder environments and is great for use in the autumn and winter for outdoor climbing and bouldering. Cool Chalk is also better for your hands so it's also suitable for climbers with dry skin.

£9.16 ex. VAT £8.32 ex. VAT

OCUN Hot Chalk


The OCUN Hot Chalk has been developed and tested for use in warm environments. It has a softer texture that corresponds with its desired characteristics. Hot Chalk is a great choice for summer days climbing in the sun and high humidity. It also has the ability to absorb as much sweat as possible.

£9.16 ex. VAT £8.32 ex. VAT

Rock Technologies Liquid Chalk

Rock Technologies Dry 5 Liquid Chalk has over 70% alcohol / ethanol content and therefore can have disinfectant effects. It is manufactured in the UK and is recommended for use on climbing walls and is also a very good idea during and post Covid-19 for outdoor bouldering / short routes.

From £3.74 ex. VAT

The Grip Store Pty Griptinite


The Grip Store Pty Griptinite has been made using a special formula that utilises the latest technology in grip performance, helping you activate your true superpower grip. Made using only the highest quality, vegan and cruelty free ingredients, Griptinite is ready to work when you are with instant activation, so you'll never be on the side-line again! The unique anti-gelling solution means there is zero waste and you get the maximum performance out of every application.

£12.49 ex. VAT
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