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Palm SOT Deluxe Backrest


The Palm SOT Deluxe Backrest has been designed as a high-backed seat and backrest, suitable for sit-on-top kayaks like those found in the Islander Range, and it's also compatible with various other models.

£55.00 ex. VAT £48.64 ex. VAT

Palm SOT Surf Backrest


The Palm SOT Surf Backrest provides essential support for paddlers using sit-on-top kayaks. With its well-padded and comfortable design, this backrest securely attaches to your kayak using four straps. The four individual anchor straps not only ensure stability but also feature corrosion-resistant steel clips for easy attachment. You can easily adjust the angle of the back support by making modifications to the straps.

£38.33 ex. VAT £33.90 ex. VAT

Pyranha SurfJet Surf-Zone Backband Strap


£38.00 ex. VAT £35.01 ex. VAT

Ruk Sport Brass Snap Shackles


Solid brass snap shackles fir seat straps etc.

£8.33 ex. VAT £7.42 ex. VAT

Tootega Deluxe Backrest


A premium backrest for Tootega Sit-on-top kayaks - Designed with comfort in mind, the Tootega Deluxe backrest provides padding on the seat as well as plenty of support with it's large backrest.

£58.33 ex. VAT £53.84 ex. VAT