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Dagger Axiom Action

The Dagger Axiom Action is a great river running kayak that's available in 4 different sizes, from junior right up to large adults. This playful kayak is suitable for paddling on up to class 3-4 white water, or even kayak surfing on the coast! It offers optimum comfort, support and performance thanks to features like its padded backrest, bulkhead footrest and thigh braces.

From £432.48 ex. VAT

Dagger Rewind Action

The Dagger Rewind Action is the definitive downriver playboat, offering exceptional versatility. If you could choose only one boat, the Rewind goes above and beyond, providing outstanding river running capability, speed, surfing and tailies, enabling you to introduce new tricks to any river adventure. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit. It's equipped with dependable Action+ outfitting, including a bulkhead footrest.

From £848.17 ex. VAT

Dagger Rewind Creek

The Dagger Rewind Creek is a river running playboat that comes available in three different sizes to achieve the perfect fit. The Rewind Creek falls into a category of kayaks often known as a "half slice kayak". In simple terms, there is plenty of volume in the bow, ensuring the kayak will resurface quickly after paddling a good drop, and it also enables you to wear a nice pair of river shoes. The stern features a low volume design to keep things interesting on the river, as you will be able to do lots of eddy line tail squirts as you play the river. The Dagger Rewind features an easy access cockpit that has a contour ergo outfitting, for the best levels of adjustment and comfort.

From £1,100.02 ex. VAT

Pyranha Firecracker Stout 2

The Pyranha Firecracker Stout 2 is a highly versatile river running playboat that is available in three different sizes for a near perfect fit. It also incorporates the revolutionary Pyranha Stout 2 kayak outfitting, which provides optimum levels of comfort, performance and safety. The Pyranha Firecracker features a high volume bow offering plenty of foot room, whilst the stern of the kayak is kept short. The mid length rails offer a bit of carving ability. However the stern rails are rounded to make for ease of release whilst on a wave, whilst the flat planning hull offers explosive freestyle fun. The Firecracker Stout 2 really is a boat that will give hours of unlimited performance. Whether you want to play on a wave or get stuck into a hole, it really does provide lots of river fun!

From £996.66 ex. VAT

Pyranha Ozone Stout 2

The Pyranha Ozone Stout 2 is influenced by models like the ProZone, InaZone, and Z.One, it delivers playful mid-rapid experiences, eddy line freestyle, and an overall enjoyable paddling experience. With a progressive rocker profile, it ensures dry rides on waves, efficient planing, and accommodates various moves. Ample volume maintains stability, and its moderate length allows manoeuvrability for diverse play opportunities. In summary, the Ozone promises exciting fun for paddlers of all levels.

From £769.97 ex. VAT

Pyranha Rebel Connect

The Pyranha Rebel Connect is a great junior kayak. Designed with kids in mind, this kayak is packed with great design features. It's deal for junior paddlers between 20-50kg in weight and features a reduced length and width that's ergonomically designed to fit the child perfectly. Comes with front and rear grab handles and also a rear deck safety point.

From £499.13 ex. VAT

Pyranha Ripper 2 Stout 2

While others have made attempts, it's Pyranha that has truly elevated the original Ripper. The design enhancements integrated into the Ripper 2 elevate the fun factor to new heights, expanding the range of possibilities. You can now achieve higher speeds, catch more waves, effortlessly drop the tail in various locations, and venture even more daringly into vertical manoeuvres.

From £995.82 ex. VAT

Spade Kayaks The Joker

If you thrive on powering through challenging waves and navigating swift eddy lines with the agility of a barracuda, the Joker from Spade Kayaks is for you. With its 274 cm length, optimised waterline and a sleek bow rocker, it satisfies your need for speed without compromising manoeuvrability. Easily executing precise turns and smooth pivots in eddy lines, the Joker is designed to elevate your paddling experience.

From £1,178.40 ex. VAT
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