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River Running

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Dagger Code Action+

Dagger’s new Code Action+ kayak has the flare of the Rewind and speed of the Phantom. The planing hull and high rockered bow gives immediate feedback; keeping everything dialled-in and on-line through any rapid. Available in small, medium and large sizes, you will find your perfect fit with comfort and safety as a given – thanks to the solid Action+ outfitting.

From £1,017.80 inc. VAT

Dagger Code Creek

The Code Creek is a new innovation from Dagger kayaks, allowing paddlers of all abilities to push their skill with its semi-planing hull that provides performance without compromising stability.

From £1,320.02 inc. VAT

Pyranha 12R Stout 2

The Pyranha 12R Stout 2, a top end whitewater river running kayak that offers great levels of forward speed.

From £1,487.59 inc. VAT

Pyranha 9R II Stout 2

The Pyranha 9R II Stout 2, a whitewater river running kayak that is available in two different sizes.

From £1,194.98 inc. VAT

Pyranha 9R Stout 2

The Pyranha 9R Stout 2, a river running kayak

From £1,138.50 inc. VAT

Pyranha Burn III Connect

The Pyranha Burn III Connect is available in two sizes (M and L) and is a classic river running kayak known for its outstanding performance. It features a spacious cockpit with a fully adjustable backrest system, padded seat and connect thigh grips for optimal comfort. The kayak includes a bulkhead footrest, step-out pillar with a hull stiffener, rear minicell foam pillar and multiple securing bars/clip points for enhanced safety. With a moderate amount of hull rocker and rails for responsive turns, it's designed for manoeuvrability and quick resurfacing after drops.

From £715.98 inc. VAT

Pyranha Machno Stout 2

The Pyranha Machno Stout 2 is a highly versatile whitewater kayak that is particularly well suited towards river running. This whitewater kayak is available in three different sizes, for a near perfect fit. There is a Machno Small, a Machno Medium and also a Machno Large. This river running kayak features Pyranha's Stout 2 Outfitting. Stout 2 offers the best levels of comfort, safety and performance. The Machno, has lots of rocker combined with soft rounded rails which makes for great potential even on the most technical rivers.

From £1,035.95 inc. VAT

Pyranha Scorch Stout 2

The Pyranha Scorch Stout 2 is a great river running kayak that offers great levels of comfort and performance. This whitewater kayak comes in three sizes for a near perfect fit. There is Scorch Small, Scorch Medium and also a Scorch Large. (There is a 4th size, the Scorch X. Primarily a longer version of the Scorch Medium for more speed.) The Scorch comes fully fitted with the Pyranha Stout 2 Outfitting, this offers some of the best levels of comfort, performance and Safety. Pyranha have designed the scorch to be slightly longer than boats such as the Machno. It also has a harder set of rails that also help to achieve a flatter planing hull. However will make it slightly less forgiving, but it will make it slightly more fun when on a river wave.

From £1,195.96 inc. VAT

Pyranha Scorch X Stout 2

The Pyranha Scorch X Stout 2 is a single sized river running kayak that is suitable for paddlers between 70 to 115kg. Whilst this is described as a river running kayak, it takes some of its heritage from the ever-popular Pyranha Scorch Series. However, the Scorch X is a longer boat than many. So, while it is great for river running it really is great on big bouncy water where you want to skip down the river and not really stop and play, this boat is designed to be fast! The Scorch X also incorporates the Stout 2 kayak outfitting which offers great levels of comfort and safety whilst also delivering the highest levels of performance. The cockpit is easy to get in and out, the padded seat offers comfort. Whilst the adjustable backrest and bulkhead footrest offer lots of support for a good posture in the kayak.

From £1,276.02 inc. VAT

Spade Kayaks The Royal Flush

The Spade Kayaks The Royal Flush, is a highly versatile river running kayak that’s suitable for paddlers in the 70 - 120kg weight range. Whilst the Royal Flush is a single sized whitewater kayak, smaller paddlers should have a look at the Spade Kayaks, The Black Jack. The Royal Flush is a great river running kayak, whether you’re an experienced paddler or getting out for your first winter season. There is a nice amount of rocker which will make for softer landings. The rails are also nice and soft, for plenty of forgiveness. The large easy access cockpit has a comfortable seat, which incorporates hip pads and a seat pad. There is also a backrest and thigh grips for additional support. The front of the kayak features a bulkhead footrest, which gives great protection against any impact.

From £1,414.08 inc. VAT