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Black Diamond Padded Gear Sling


Black Diamonds bandolier comes with a well padded adjustable shoulder strap and a 9kN rating. Nut key and carabiner not included.

£20.00 inc. VAT £18.54 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Rope Bucket


A hanging rope bag designed for big walling but equally handy on sea cliffs. Originally designed by Black Diamond for keeping ropes organised on big wall belays, our staff and customers have found this rope bag very useful in Pembroke and other sea cliff locations where you are abseiling in to a hanging belay. Simply feed the rope in at the top of the cliff, zip up the side panel and sling it over your shoulder.

£40.00 inc. VAT £37.07 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Zodiac Gear Sling

The Black Diamond Zodiac Gear Sling is essential for carrying a large aid rack. The Zodiac is low profile, allowing you to still wear a water bladder rucksack, but still padded enough to take 5kg of gear in comfort.

From £37.07 inc. VAT