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Dunlop Acifort

The Dunlop Acifort wellingtons are a heavy duty pair of boots, perfect for farm work or caving. Slip, oil and chemical resistant properties give these comfortable waterproof wellies a tough name for themselves.

From £35.59 inc. VAT

Dunlop Dull Junior

The Dunlop Dull Junior wellingtons are a sturdy and comfortable pair of boots, perfect for wet and muddy activities. Made of chemical resistant PVC, these waterproof wellies will keep your feet dry and safe come rain or shine.

From £13.46 inc. VAT

Dunlop Sport

The Dunlop Sport wellington boots are a great pair of waterproof wellies that will keep your feet dry and comfortable as you walk across beaches and through the countryside! They are knee-high with a classic retro design and come in both pink and navy blue. Made of PVC, they are chemical resistant making them perfect for all outside activities and caving.

From £17.31 inc. VAT

Warmbac Double Lined Neoprene Socks

The Warmbac Double Lined Neoprene Socks are ideal for caving trips and expeditions, Warmbac's Double Lined Neoprene Socks provide exceptional warmth and comfort. Crafted with a multi-thickness neoprene construction, these caving socks boast mauser-stitched seams for enhanced comfort and performance. The 3D shape ensures a superior fit, while the printed sole unit provides added grip during wear.

From £34.01 inc. VAT

Bestard Canyon Guide Lady

The Bestard Canyon Guide are highly versatile pair of water shoes that are great for a number of different sports. If you’re looking for the best levels of comfort, support and grip, then this is the boot to look at. Whether you're Open Canoeing, Gorge Walking, Whitewater Kayaking, Coasteering or Caving, these will do the job. The Bestard Canyon Guide is designed and manufactured to offer the best performance for situations where you expect to get wet!

From £195.10 inc. VAT

Warmbac Double Lined Neoprene Long Socks

The Warmbac Double Lined Neoprene Long Socks provide excellent warmth and comfort during caving trips, especially in water. The high calf cut ensures added warmth, making them ideal for use with wellington boots. With a 3D cut for a perfect fit and reinforced soles for durability, these socks offer optimal performance.

From £41.20 inc. VAT

Palm Kick Socks

The Palm Kick Socks stand out as a versatile thermal neoprene sock designed for various watersports. Crafted from 3mm thermofibre-lined titanium neoprene, these socks boast a three-dimensional cut for optimal comfort. Enhanced performance is achieved through meticulously glued and blind-stitched seams. The soles feature a diamond traction print, providing both added grip and increased durability.

From £25.64 inc. VAT

Palm Stomp Socks

The Palm Stomp Socks are made of 3mm neoprene and feature a three-dimensional cut for optimal conformity to the foot's shape. All seams are glued and blind stitched to enhance both comfort and performance. The neoprene sock's sole unit is fortified with a DuraTX-coated sole, and the convenient GlideSkin O-Ring opening ensures easy slipping on.

From £34.49 inc. VAT