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Fed up of getting your feet wet and muddy? Take a look at our changing mats to keep your feet clean and safe while changing. We also have a range of changing towels to keep you covered in the carparks.

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Dryrobe Advance Kid's Long Sleeve

The Dryrobe Advance Kid's Long Sleeve, a smaller version of the adults advance long sleeve. But this is to keep the smaller surfers, swimmers and kayakers warm also. This is a much needed and highly desired beach changing poncho. It's the perfect addition for the active family who spend lots of time outdoors. Whether it's for putting on over your wetsuit, to walkback to the car / campsite, hanging around on the side of the rugby pitch or using it to keep your dignity while getting changed. The Dryrobe Advance is the every day essential, as its perfect for keeping your warm and comfortable in cold outdoor conditions.

From £140.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Advance Kid's Short Sleeve

The Dryrobe Advance Kid's Short Sleeve, a smaller version of what the adults wear. Lets keep the children warm and comfortable to! This is a highly versatile beach changing poncho. It is the perfect addition for the active outdoor family as it will also double up for many other aspects of family life. Whether its for putting on over your wetsuit, as you get out of the sea, using it to keep your dignity while getting changed, or walking across the campsite for a shower. The Dryrobe Advance Kid's Short Sleeve is perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable in colder outdoor conditions.

From £85.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve

The Dryrobe advance long sleeve is possibly the ultimate surfers changing towel. It keeps you warm and also prevents you from having to get naked in public while changing. This surfers changing robe features a weatherproof outer and a warm pile liner. Even if this is wet, it will still keep you warm. It is easy to get on and off due to the front access zip, it also incorporates two large front hand warmer pockets, an internal storage pocket and also an MP3 player pocket. If your going to the beach, dont leave home with out a Dryrobe!

From £160.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve

The Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve is a highly versatile beach changing poncho. This will keep you warm and dry all the time, the outside shell offers protection against the wind and the rain and is made from 100% recycled nylon. Whilst the inside is lined with 100% recycled polyester lamb’s wool which gives great levels of warmth. It will also double up for many other aspects of family life and is the perfect present for the outdoor person! Whether you use if for putting on over your wetsuit as you get out of the sea, using it to keep your dignity while getting changed or simply lounging around on the campsite The Dryrobe Advance Short is guaranteed to do the job. It is also ideal for sitting on the beach on a cold day while waiting for the surf to come up!

From £140.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Compression Travel Bag


The Dryrobe Compression Travel Bag is the perfect addition to any Dryrobe, whether you have the Dryrobe advance long sleeve or the advance short sleeve, this will protect it and also reduce the volume and size. It also features a shoulder carry strap so you have plenty of options when heading to the beach with your stand up paddle board.

£30.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Dog Robe

The Dryrobe Dog Robe, the ultimate dog’s thermal coat. This walking coat for dogs is available in 4 different sizes for the perfect fit. It also comes in a number of colours so you can show yours and your dog’s personality. These warm dogs coast are easy to fit and will offer a snug and secure fit. The Dog Robe will keep your four legged friend warm and cosy on those early morning and late evening walks. If that isn’t enough, this dog walk coat is also waterproof.

From £40.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Kid's Organic Towel Dryrobe

The Dryrobe Kid's Organic Towel, the perfect option for those days at the beach or the trips to the swimming pool. This is easily slipped on over the head and will offer plenty of coverage when getting changed. This changing towel ticks several boxes, it makes for easy changing, Why!? Its quick to dry yourself, it saves people from getting an eyeful of your derrier when you drop your conventional towel and you can use it when camping. We all know that walk acorss the campsite to a small shower which always has a wet floor wet, the list carries on...

From £40.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Organic Towel Dryrobe

The Organic Towel Dryrobe is super soft to touch and gives you more than enough space to change inside, whilst still remaining protected from the elements. Made with 100% organic cotton.

From £50.00 inc. VAT

HydroRobe Adult's HydroRobe

The Hydro Robe Changing Towel is the perfect product for those of you that enjoy water sports such as canoeing, kayaking and surfing. It’s ideal for the prevention of getting naked in public and will ensure that onlookers wont have to see your bum when your conventional towel falls off. HydroRobe has made this changing towel with heavy-weight cotton. It features a large pocket on the front, a hood to keep your head warm and best of all, its easily machine washable.

From £29.99 inc. VAT

HydroRobe Child's HydroRobe

The Child's Hydro Robe is a beach changing poncho that is the perfect addition to any family beach bag. It is made from soft luxurious cotton and will easily keep small children warm and help dry them off after a day on the beach. With an added large front pocket and a hood to keep you warm on cold days.

From £21.95 inc. VAT

Lifeventure Lightweight Changing Robe


The Lifeventure Changing Robe is roomy and lightweight, ideal for drying off and getting changed after water based activities. You can use both hands to free yourself from wet or dirty kit, while staying warm and dry outside. Made using a quick-drying, ultra-soft fabric this is a great piece of kit to allow you to change anywhere. The lightweight SoftFibre fabric is also treated with Polygiene permanent odour control to keep them feeling and smelling fresh

£40.00 inc. VAT £35.64 inc. VAT

Nookie Footmat


The Nookie Footmat is an essential piece of kit that should be in every paddler’s kit bag. It offers great levels of protection for latex or fabric socks that appear on dry suits against getting punctured. The foot mat features a funky printed design, which has a glossy finish and has been a top seller since the day it was released.

£22.96 inc. VAT

Palm Poncho


The Palm Poncho is a beach changing robe that helps with getting changed. This changing towel is easily slipped over the head and saves all of your friends from seeing your naked bum when you get out of your kayaking gear. It's made with microfibre polyester which has quick drying properties and there is a hood to keep you warm while out on winter trips.

£48.00 inc. VAT £43.90 inc. VAT

Palm Poncho Grande


The Palm Poncho Grande is a beach changing towel that easily slips on over the head. Once on, it's easy to remove your wet kit and dry yourself without the worries of your towel falling off and exposing your bum. It's weather-proof outer layer will keep the wind out and offer some protection from the rain. On the front of the changing robe there is a large kangaroo style pocket that's perfect for storing your pants!

£78.00 inc. VAT £71.33 inc. VAT

Palm Universal Mat


The Palm Universal mat is one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor kit that you can own. It can be used as a changing mat to protect your feet, a canoe kneeling pad to protect your knees and also a seat pad foam to give extra padding for your bum. Palm has designed this changing pad or as they call it the Universal mat from a thick two part insulating foam. It then features a durable rip stop outer.

£19.00 inc. VAT £17.38 inc. VAT

Zone3 Oversized Polar Fleece Parka Robe Jacket

The Zone3 Parka Robe Jacket is an essential companion for all open water activities, offering you all the warmth and weather protection that you need after taking on the cold, open water. The longer length of this robe is super handy as it means you can also use it to change underneath should there be no nearby facilities.

From £131.70 inc. VAT
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