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Thule AcuTight Knob


The Thule AcuTight Knob is designed to replace the standard tightening knob of the Thule's range of rear mounted bike carriers. The Acutight Knob is a  Torque Limiter, which clicks and limits how tight the bike rack can grip the bike's frame, preventing overtightening (and under tightening if you take it to the limit).

£23.00 inc. VAT

Thule Bike Frame Adapter


The Thule Bike Frame Adapter is designed to fit on non standard bike frames (Ladies Frames, Carbon Bikes, etc) to allow them to be used on with roof racks that the bike otherwise would not fit.

£33.00 inc. VAT

Thule Carbon Frame Protector


The Thule Carbon Frame protector does what is says. It offers additional protection to your carbon bike frame. It is made from a soft TPE rubber and will easily fit any frame shape or frame geometry. It also helps to spread the pressure / load of the bike rack as it clamps around the frame.

£24.00 inc. VAT

Thule EasyFold XT

The Thule EasyFold XT is a tow bar mounted cycle carrier that is available in two different variants. The EasyFold XT 2 is perfect for moving 2 bikes. While if there are three people looking to cycle consider the EasyFold XT 3. This folding cycle carrier is easy to use and can be fitted in a matter of minutes. This is perfect for mountain bikes, road bikes and also hybrid bikes.

From £700.00 inc. VAT

Thule EasyFold XT Carry Bag

The Thule Easyfold XT Carring Bag is designed to protect you, your car, and the bike rack itself when transporting the Easyfold XT Bike Racks.

From £34.00 inc. VAT

Thule EasyFold XT Loading Ramp


The Thule Easyfold XT Loading Ramp is an accessory for Thule's Easyfold XT rear mounted bike rack range. It fits to an Easyfold XT rack and allows you to load your bike by rolling it up onto the rack, saving you having to lift and place the bike onto the rack. When not in use, the Loading Ramp folds up into a compact size, and can be stored on the Easyfold XT Bike Rack until needed.

£57.00 inc. VAT

Thule FreeRide

The Thule FreeRide is an entry level roof mounted cycle carrier. This roof mounted bike rack is very simple and easy to use. It secures to the roof bars via an array of clamps. It then incorporates two wheel trays that also feature ratchet straps to hold the bike securely. The bike is then kept stable by a fixed bar that claps around the bottom tube, this is also lockable for security. Further levels of security is met by the bike rack having the ability to be locked to the car roof rack.

From £75.00 inc. VAT

Thule ProRide

The Thule ProRide is a roof mounted bike rack that is suitable for transporting a single bike. This bike rack is suitable for the majority of bikes and it very easy to use. It works particularly well with roof rack cross bars such as the Thule WingBar as it is designed to work with the Thule T Track System.

From £132.00 inc. VAT

Thule ProRide Fatbike Adapter


The Thule ProRide Fatbike Adapter will enable you to carry a bike with wheels between 3-5" in width. This is easy to retro fit to the Thule ProRide and they are supplied as a pair. This Thule bike rack part comes complete with the securing straps that will also keep the bike firmly on place.

£35.00 inc. VAT

Thule ProRide SquareBar Adapter


The Thule ProRide SqaureBar adapter is one of many very handy roof rack accessories. This Thule bike rack adapter is a great way to connect your ProRide Cycle carrier to the more traditional style Thule SquareBars.

£9.00 inc. VAT

Thule RMS Adapter

Thule Electrical Adapters convert either a 7 pin into a 13 pin, or a 13 pin to a 7 pin. Use whichever you need to convert the outlet on you car into the one required for your Thule product.

From £27.00 inc. VAT

Thule VeloCompact

The Thule Velocompact is a tow bar mounted bike rack that is easily fitted in under 5 minutes. It comes with the full electrical lighting system and can easily carry between 2-4 bikes. The Velocompact 2 is great for transporting 2 bikes. Whilst the Velocompact 3 will easily carry 3 bikes, but with the addition of the Thule Velocompact 4th Bike adapter you can get 4 bikes on.

From £450.00 inc. VAT

Thule VeloCompact 4th Bike Adapter


The Thule VeloCompact 4th Bike Adapter lets you add one more bike to your Thule VeloCompact 3-bike carrier (926/927) to transform it into a 4-cycle carrier.

£150.00 inc. VAT

Thule Wheel Strap Locks


The Thule Wheel Strap Locks are a locking kit to lock the bike rack’s wheel straps for extra theft protection.

£12.00 inc. VAT

Thule XXL Fatbike Wheel Straps


XXL Fatbike Wheel Straps are a set of extra-long replacement wheel straps to enable transport of very large fat bikes.Fits Thule EasyFold XT and Thule VeloSpace XT bike racks.

£13.00 inc. VAT