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Deuter Mesh Zip Pack 3


The Deuter Mesh Zip Pack 3 is a lightweight zipped bag that's perfect for organised packing. The see-through top means you can clearly see the belongings you've stored inside, making sorting though your bag all the more easy.

£13.33 ex. VAT £11.96 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Cable Lock


The Lifeventure Cable Lock has a 4 dial combination and a retractable steel cable to keep your stuff safe. This handy lock is perfect for keeping larger object like your rucksack, kitbag or skis from being taken when you're not looking. We also stock the Lifeventure 'Combi Lock' if you're just looking for something to secure your luggage zippers.

£9.99 ex. VAT £8.85 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Combi Lock


The Lifeventure Combi Lock is a simple and straightforward lock that's great for those who travel regularly and want to increase the security of their baggage. The Combi Lock also removes the risk of losing the keys to open your padlock whilst travelling, which can be a huge inconvenience. This lock is sized to fit most standard lockable zippers and uses a resettable 3-digit combination.

£4.99 ex. VAT £4.42 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Loc Top Storage Bags


Bag yourself a bargain with the Lifeventure Loc Top Storage Bags. These come in a pack of three with some amazing little features, they're perfect for travelling and made with durable triple polymer film. These handy bags are waterproof up to 10 metres and fully touchscreen compatible, to close the bags you simply press to top to create an air-tight seal.

£8.33 ex. VAT £7.38 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Door Lock


The Lifeventure Travel Door Lock is an essential security device for travellers on a budget. Such a clever and simple gadget which can be fitted to nearly all internal doors to keep intruders out while you sleep. It’s durable, small and lightweight – a must-have for regular travellers.

£4.99 ex. VAT £4.42 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Luggage Scales


The Lifeventure Travel Luggage Scales are a compact and simple to use travel essential. They can measure in both kilograms and pounds, ideal for your journey home and checking your souvenirs haven't weighed you down!

£16.66 ex. VAT £14.76 ex. VAT

Lifeventure TSA Combination Lock


The Lifeventure TSA Combination Lock features a resettable three-digit combination lock for lockable zips on luggage. The TSA standard means it can be opened by airport staff without breaking it.

£8.33 ex. VAT £7.38 ex. VAT

Lifeventure TSA Mini Padlocks


The Lifeventure TSA Mini Padlocks feature the TSA security fitting, which means that they aid airport screening. They allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities without damage to your bag. Definitely a handy feature for the frequent flyer! This key lock secures most luggage zips and boasts a robust zinc-alloy body with hardened shackle, great for adding security and peace of mind to your luggage!

£7.49 ex. VAT £6.64 ex. VAT

Lifeventure TSA Zipper Lock


This Lifeventure TSA Zipper Lock uses a durable and flexible cable shackle to help ease it through zip tags. The TSA fitting allows for your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities without damage to you bags after inspection. The lock's combination is simple to reset and the lock itself is made from a strong zinc-alloy body. This lock is compatible with most lockable luggage zippers.

£8.33 ex. VAT £7.38 ex. VAT

Ortlieb Document Bag

The Ortlieb Document Bags are the perfect accessory for the safe storage of maps, passports and other important documents whilst on your travels. They're dustproof, waterproof and made of UV, tear and crease resistant fabric with seams that are just as tough. The document bags are also suitable for use with electronic devices such as handheld GPS devices, mobile phones or MP3 players. A handy neck cord comes included and they are available in three different sizes.

From £9.92 ex. VAT

Sea to Summit Garment Mesh Bag


The Sea to Summit Garment Mesh Bags are packing cubes that are designed to keep your kit neat, organised and crease-free. This small sized bag is suitable for things like underwear, swimming costumes, socks and other small accessories. Made with durable YKK zippers and super-strong Cordura fabric, so they can be used again and again!

£13.33 ex. VAT £11.76 ex. VAT

Snugpak Pakbox

The Snugpak Pakboxes area great way to store, organise and protect clothing, essential items and equipment inside your backpack or luggage. They come in four sizes and be used individually or stacked inside your choice of bag. They have a see-through mesh cover, allowing you to quickly identify the contents of each packing cube and select your required items.

From £5.19 ex. VAT

Up and Under Rucksack Stashbag


Stuff Sack or Compression Bag that can be used when traveling or camping, perfect for storing sleeping bags or other items in a separate bag

£26.24 ex. VAT £23.34 ex. VAT

Nalgene Medium Travel Kit


The Nalgene Medium Travel Kit is a collection of 8 various sized Nalgene bottles and jars made from HDPE (high density polyethylene). It comes complete with a variety of useful leak-proof and break-resistant containers that can be used to customise your necessities for each trip. This compact assortment is ideal for taking travel sized quantities of your favourite products with you, including shampoo, mouthwash, creams, powders and medicines.

£10.83 ex. VAT £9.19 ex. VAT

Nalgene Wide Mouth Storage Jar 125ml


The Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle 125ml is a great little storage bottle that is ideal for storing herbs and spices or vitamins and pills when travelling or camping.

£2.08 ex. VAT £1.78 ex. VAT

Nalgene Wide Mouth Storage Jar 60 ml


The Nalgene Wide Mouth Storage Jar is a 60ml Travel Pot to put liquids in and take through airport security. Great for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel or herbs and spices, vitamins and pills and toothpaste when going on holiday and abroad.

£1.83 ex. VAT £1.59 ex. VAT
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