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HF Equipment Dryskirt Spraydeck

The HF Equipment Dryskirt Spraydeck is a neoprene whitewater spraydeck with edge protection. The Dry Skirt offers good levels of support and a long service life thanks to he particularly high-quality workmanship, stable aramid edge and adhesive latex coating on the inside. This is the ultimate spraydeck for whitewater of all difficulty levels.

From £151.46 inc. VAT

Nookie Shock Deck

The Nookie Shock Deck is an excellent choice for first-time neoprene spraydeck users, suitable for whitewater, sea, and crossover kayaks. It's made of 4mm jersey dive density neoprene throughout the deck, with glued, blindstitched, and taped seams for optimal performance and dryness. Secured to the kayak via a 10mm shock cord edge, it offers a strong grip on the cockpit. Thanks to its absence of silicone or latex edging, this deck is exceptionally easy to put on and take off, making it ideal for newcomers to kayaking.

From £70.20 inc. VAT

Palm Enduro Deck

The Palm Enduro Deck features a modern design for modern cockpit shapes, providing durability and versatility for whitewater kayaking. It includes a knee-off strap for easy exits, a robust Supratex rim, Gripsil grip for a secure seal, and a seamless waist O-ring to keep it in place with or without a twin seal jacket.

From £110.56 inc. VAT

Palm Orbit Deck

The Palm Orbit is a premium neoprene spray deck designed for extreme whitewater kayaking. With its 3D cut and large rubber rand, it provides an excellent fit on your kayak cockpit and delivers top-notch performance. Crafted from 4mm neoprene, this spray deck features seams that are triple glued, blind-stitched, and taped for maximum durability and performance. Additionally, the front of the deck is equipped with a substantial handle for easy release in case of a capsize.

From £134.48 inc. VAT

Palm Sport Deck

The Palm Sport Deck is a straightforward spray deck with shock cord, designed for effortless application and removal on a kayak. It is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most kayak types, crafted with top-tier CR neoprene to ensure the highest quality.

From £75.18 inc. VAT

Peak PS Whitewater Deck

The Whitewater Deck from Peak PS is their toughest spraydeck, constructed from bombproof 5mm neoprene with latex reinforcing. This deck has seen some of the toughest rivers on the planet.

From £83.62 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Force Spraydeck

The Whetman Equipment Force Spraydeck is available in two deck sizes and four waists. It is particularly well suited to whitewater kayaks, however it also works with sea kayaks. The Force Spraydeck features a 4mm neoprene construction and it seals to the kayak via a 9mm shock cord edge. The under side of the spraydeck has been finished with a latex coating around the edges to give an enhanced seal on the cockpit.

From £89.74 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Gripper Spraydeck

The Whetman Equipment Gripper Spraydeck is one of the best spray decks currently available. It is perfect for the most extreme kayaking and will easily stay put on your kayak, even when running waterfalls. The gripper features a 4mm neoprene construction with an 11.5mm shock cord edge, which is designed to stay in place! The underside of the spray deck also features a hand painted latex edge which provides additional grip while the Kevlar style reinforced top edge gives the best possible levels of durability.

From £155.78 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Pressure Spraydeck

The Whetman Equipment Pressure deck is a high spec neoprene spray skirt that's perfect for extreme white water kayaking and sea kayaking on rough waters. The Pressure Spraydeck has a 4mm neoprene construction with a 10mm shock cord edge. The underside of the deck incorporates a hand painted band of latex around the edges, which helps provide additional grip on the cockpit rim of the kayak.

From £137.95 inc. VAT

Peak PS Standard Deck

The Peak PS Standard Deck is a great entry-level neoprene sprayskirt for various kayak activities like Canoe Slalom, Canoe Polo, Whitewater, or sea kayaking. It offers a secure yet easily removable fit with its rugged 4mm neoprene construction and shock cord edge for sealing. The seamless deck panel ensures a dry experience, and the top of the deck is reinforced with latex print for added durability. Latex sealing on the waist tube and seam connecting the body tube enhances performance.

From £71.00 inc. VAT