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Fixe Anella


The Fixe Anilla is a welded ring made of PLX HCR steel, for equipping climbing routes and for work−at−height. Fixe has been working on improving its anchor range with a highly corrosion−resistant material (HCR) in order to increase safety in environments of all kinds, including marine and corrosive atmospheres, during a longer period of time.

£5.99 inc. VAT £5.46 inc. VAT

Raumer Round Stainless Steel Ring

The Raumer Round Stainless Steel Ring's surface allows for easy insertion of the rope and exerts the minimum damage to the sheath. As the pressure is spread over the full 360°, the wear on the ring is almost non-existent.  Also used to equip improvised abseil stations using cordage and a bolt-chain-carabiner combination.

From £3.62 inc. VAT

ISC Small Steel Ring


The ISC Small Steel Ring is a 27mm ring that can be used on your harness bridge. It has a minimum breaking strength of 25kN.

£4.96 inc. VAT £4.72 inc. VAT

ISC Large Steel Ring


The ISC Large Steel Rings are quality steel rings from ISC and are rated to 70kN. They are made with 11mm bar stock and are fully marked. Choose between the smaller or larger ring.

£5.95 inc. VAT £5.68 inc. VAT