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Thigh Braces

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Pyranha Stout 2 Hooker Thigh Grip Attachments


The Pyranha Stout 2 Hooker Thigh Grip Attachments can be quickly installed and adjusted to give you increased connectivity, security, and control on the water. Consisting of a foam padded, curved HDPE plate, Pyranha Hooker Attachments bolt to your kayak's existing thigh grips and wrap over your thigh to provide a closer fit for finer edge control and heightened grip on the kayak when pushing your limits or rolling in rougher water.

£38.29 ex. VAT £34.08 ex. VAT

Pyranha Thigh Grip Fixing Kit

The Pyranha thigh grip fixing kit is ideal for when you need to refit your kayak thigh braces. If you have lost some of the nuts, bolts and washers, this thigh grip fixing kit comes with all the necessary bits you need.

From £7.38 ex. VAT

Pyranha Thigh Grips (with no Ratchets)

The Pyranha Thigh Grips (with no Ratchets) are often found fitted in mid-range kayaks. Pyranha have used these great thigh braces in their sport spec, their rapid spec and also some of the connect river spec kayaks. They offer the same great levels of support as the more advanced thigh grips but they don’t have the ratchets to control the fit of the backrest.

From £20.74 ex. VAT

Pyranha Thigh Grips (with Ratchets)

The Pyranha Thigh Grips with ratchets, these are the thigh braces that are often found in the Pyranha Connect kayaks. They generally are not kept in stock as each kayak is often slightly different. They do all have one common feature, they all feature the thigh brace ratchet which links into the kayak back rest so you can trim the fit to perfection. A well-fitting thigh brace will enhance the performance of any kayak!

From £43.44 ex. VAT

Dagger Stainless Steel Ratchet


The Dagger Stainless Steel Ratchet is designed to replace a broken or rusted ratchet in your dagger kayak. The ratchet is used to adjust the backrest of your kayak in order to achieve maximum comfort and connectivity. To fit, just screw into the kayak using a large philips head screwdriver and push the plastic ratchet strap through.

£9.17 ex. VAT £8.20 ex. VAT

Pyranha Ratchet Buckle


The Pyranha Ratchet Buckles are supplied as single units. They also come with the nut that is required to attach them to the kayak thigh brace. These work in conjunction with the ratchet kayak backrest that are fitted in many Pyranha kayaks and give further adjustment to the back support.

£11.63 ex. VAT £10.92 ex. VAT