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Black Diamond ATC Belay/Rappel Device

The Black Diamond ATC is a belay device that offers lightweight and durable performance for belaying and rappelling. The original design of this style of device has been improved to reduce the cable belay separation problems of the past. This lightweight model is the smoothest running device we stock and is therefore recommended for thicker ropes.

From £14.98 ex. VAT

Black Diamond ATC-Alpine Guide


The Black Diamond ATC-Alpine Guide is a slimmer, more compact and lighter version of BD's iconic ATC-Guide, the ATC-Alpine Guide is built for quick ascents in the mountains. This belay device is optimised for ropes between 8.1mm and 8.5mm yet works with ropes from 6.9mm to 9mm. The anchor-hole allows for easy feeding and pulling of rope, and the device's guide mode lets you belay one or two seconding climbers off any anchor.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.46 ex. VAT

Black Diamond ATC-Guide

The Black Diamond ATC-Guide is one of Black Diamond's award winning belay devices. The ATC-Guide has two friction modes and an auto-blocking guide mode that lets you belay a seconding climber off the anchor.  The V grooves allow for the use of thinner ropes with increased safety.

From £22.46 ex. VAT

Black Diamond ATC-XP

The Black Diamond ATC-XP is versatile and durable belay device with multiple friction modes. It has added grooves for use with thinner ropes that offers increased safety as they provide more friction and therefore more holding force when putting the rope in a brake position to hold a fall or when abseiling. The ATC XP also has a regular friction mode that is suitable for use with thicker ropes. The ATC-XP is now 30% lighter than the original design, thanks to its updated construction and machined windows through the body.

From £16.47 ex. VAT

DMM Pivot

The DMM Pivot belay device delivers confident belaying and effective stopping power whether used in guide mode, or belaying from the waist. Guide plates have traditionally been difficult to operate when lowering seconds. The Pivot's shackle reduces the force needed to initiate lowering, increasing control of the speed at which you lower your second.

From £24.37 ex. VAT

Edelrid Giga Jul


The Edelrid Giga Jul is a a versatile belay device that is a both a standard and assisted braking tuber in one. The assisted braking function which supports the braking force can be activated or disabled by an intelligent built-in mechanism. Great for situation-dependent belaying and abseiling, especially in alpine terrain.

£50.00 ex. VAT £44.30 ex. VAT

Edelrid Mega Jul

The Edelrid Mega Jul is an incredibly versatile, compact, user-friendly, and robust belay device. This device accommodates one or two rope belaying and abseiling, offering both assisted braking and standard braking in both modes. Additionally, it can function as a guide plate for one or two seconds.

From £29.53 ex. VAT

Edelrid Nano Jul


The Edelrid Nano Jul is a lightweight belay device thats has been meticulously designed for use with thin half and twin ropes. Featuring manual braking capabilities, the Nano Jul offers exceptional stopping power. Its carefully optimised geometry enables the use of robust stainless steel without compromising on weight.

£29.17 ex. VAT £25.84 ex. VAT

Kong Chuy

The Kong Chuy is a belay device and descender that works on half, twin and single ropes. Choose the braking capacity thanks to the “V” shaped notches, this helps fine tune use according to the climbers weight, rope diameter, and friction and consequently braking required.

From £14.06 ex. VAT

Petzl Reverso

The Petzl Reverso is a versatile and lightweight belay/rappel device designed for use with one or two rope strands and the ability to belay a second climber from the anchor. The specific design allows the rope to glide smoothly through the device and reduces wear. It is compatible with most rope diameters: single 8.5 to 10.5 mm, half 7.1 to 9.2 mm, and twin 6.9 to 9.2 mm.

From £25.12 ex. VAT