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Blister Care

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Adventure Medical Kits Glacier Gel


Glacier Gel is waterproof, breathable and cushioning gel to provide instant pain and relief from blisters and burns. Easy to apply and does not move once in place, this adhesive plaster can solve those rubbing and chafing problems when walking, backpacking or hiking multiple or single days in a row.

£11.99 inc. VAT £10.75 inc. VAT

Compeed Blister Mixed Sizes 5 pack


Compeed Mixed Blister Plasters are the complete solution to foot blisters. This pack contains blister plasters in various sizes to suit blisters on different parts of the foot. The pack includes 2x Blister Medium, 2x Blister Small and 1x Blister on toes. Ideal for you, your family and the first aid kit!

£5.59 inc. VAT £5.15 inc. VAT

Compeed Blister On Toes 8 pack


Compeed on toes blister plasters provide instant pain relief. Whilst absorbing excess moisture, the plaster forms a protective cushion and provides optimum healing conditions. Specially designed for blisters on toes which are sometimes awkward to reach.

£5.59 inc. VAT £5.15 inc. VAT

Leaping Fish Ramblers Rub 60g Tin


Ramblers Rub is a universal balm for all walkers, ramblers and hikers made from premium oils and waxes with essential oils to help prevent blisters and to massage feet, ankles and calves to soothe, restore and revive after a days exercise.

£11.99 inc. VAT £11.08 inc. VAT

Life Systems Blister Kit


The Blister First Aid Kit is light and compact, and can easily be added to an existing first aid kit. It's all in the name; everything you need to quickly and effectively treat blistered skin. Perfect for hiking, long distance walking, running, or any activity that's hard on the feet.

£10.99 inc. VAT £10.09 inc. VAT

Sidas Foot Protector


Designed with Silitene™ protection, simply apply this patch to your foot if you start to feel discomfort, overheating, itching or pinching (any signs of a blister forming) and it can prevent the development of the blister. Its bio-mechanical construction follows the movement of your foot movement for a very long-lasting wear and happy walking! Perfect for Running, Hiking, Walking, backpacking and trekking.

£7.00 inc. VAT £6.34 inc. VAT