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Black Diamond Circuit Crash Pad

The Black Diamond Circuit Crash Pad has been engineered to be a daily workhorse for the cost-conscious boulderer. It features Black Diamond's closed-cell PE foam layup with EVA bonded together, making it lightweight to carry but still solid for impact protection.

From £119.79 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Circuit Z Crash Pad


The Black Diamond Circuit Z Crash Pad has been designed to expand your circuit with a trifold variation of the original Circuit Pad. Featuring the same foam layup as the Circuit, the Z incorporates a Z-fold design, offering added value for budget-conscious boulderers.

£225.00 ex. VAT £202.15 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Erratic Crash Pad


The Black Diamond Erratic Crash Pad offers lightweight portability for remote mountain excursions to backcountry boulders. Despite its lightness, it boasts exceptional durability, featuring water-resistant face fabric, premium foam construction, and a padded, adjustable backpack carry system for comfortable approach hikes.

£291.67 ex. VAT £268.33 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Gapstopper Boulder


The Black Diamond Gapstopper Boulder is a versatile padding accessory perfect for filling gaps, covering boulders and slabs, and serving as a sit-start pad. Compact and designed to fit seamlessly inside any Black Diamond crash pad, it's a valuable addition to every boulderer's kit.

£100.00 ex. VAT £89.84 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Mondo Crash Pad

The Black Diamond Mondo Crash Pad has been designed to provide ample cushioning for high balls and uncertain landings, the Mondo stands as BD's largest pad in their lineup. Boasting an expanded foam surface area and an enhanced carry system, this pad instills a sense of assurance even in elevated situations.

From £266.66 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Piggyback Carry System


The Black Diamond Piggyback Carry System makes it easy to carry multiple bouldering pads together with a simple two-cam buckle system. When one pad is not enough, the Piggyback Carry System has your back. A simple two-cam buckle system makes it easy to strap multiple pads together; plus, the Piggyback has a large, easy-to-access zippered pocket to stash the essentials.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.46 ex. VAT

Flashed Climbing Drifter


The Flashed Climbing Drifter Crash Mat has been designed with standard luxury features and will be your trusty companion as you roam between your favourite bouldering destinations. This is a multiple pad system that's easy to carry thanks to it's luxury padded shoulder straps and waist belt. It's been built with ease of use, longevity and versatility in mind, creating a more refined experience.

£225.00 ex. VAT £207.00 ex. VAT

Metolius Session II Crash Pad

The Metolius Session II Pad is a bouldering mat that features a flap closure system, this allows you to sandwich your gear inside the pad when it is closed and keep things securely in place. This can eliminate the need for a second bag or rucksack during crag days. This versatile, do-it-all bouldering pad has a burly 900D poly outer construction that provides excellent abrasion resistance, as well as a cross-clipper logo rug for cleaning shoes, padded shoulder straps, a waist belt and suitcase-style carry handles.

From £149.48 ex. VAT

Metolius The Basic Pad


The Metolius The Basic Pad is a stripped-down version of the Session II Crash Pad. It makes a great entry level pad or is a great addition to the quiver. The basic Pad features suitcase-style carry handles, a waist belt and padded shoulder straps. It has a 4” sandwich foam design for maximum impact absorption and angled hinge eliminates the gutter. Single aluminium closure buckle – guaranteed for life!

£145.83 ex. VAT £130.79 ex. VAT

Moon Warrior Crash Pad

The Moon Warrior Crash Pad is ultra durable, practical and easy to carry. It is filled with the highest quality foam and features a tough outer made from recycled polyester, the Warrior Pad is Moon's mid-sized bouldering crash pad. Named after the warrior planet, Mars, the Warrior pad is engineered from the highest quality closed-cell and open-cell foams enclosed within an ultra hardwearing 600D ripstop recycled polyester outer shell. It also features a non-slip base and an ergonomic rucksack carrying system. This pad truly excels at providing you landing protection that is both comfortable and practical.

From £187.94 ex. VAT

OCUN Dominator FTS


The OCUN Dominator FTS is the crash pad with the highest absorption effect in the world. It's been designed to be suitable for highballs thanks to OCUN's patented FTS Absorption Block® inner padding that improves absorption of the energy of falls. The design of the absorption block ensures perfectly efficient absorption - even et the edges of the pad. This also decreases the weight of the pad by about 20%.

£249.96 ex. VAT £233.11 ex. VAT

OCUN Incubator FTS


The OCUN Incubator FTS is the most compact giant crash pad available on the market, with an area over 2.0 m2 for demanding boulderers with optimal transport size. It's surprisingly easy to fold it into very compact package for transport, thanks to its optimized volume it smoothly fits into most car boots despite the fact it has such a large surface area.

£374.96 ex. VAT £349.46 ex. VAT

OCUN Moonwalk FTS


The universal two-piece OCUN Moonwalk FTS bouldering mat offers excellent value for money! It consists of a two part foam layer and provides great protection and excellent damping properties. In addition, it offers many practical details such as the robust, easy-to-use metal buckles with which the pad can be held together while transporting, an integrated mat, lateral loops and the all-purpose practical carry handle.

£233.29 ex. VAT £217.43 ex. VAT

OCUN Paddy Moonwalk


The Paddy Moonwalk crash pad by OCUN is recommended for all types of bouldering, including highballs. This mat offers two different ways of opening and the option to connect more crash pads together to create a bigger landing area.

£191.63 ex. VAT £172.04 ex. VAT

OCUN Sitcase Pad


The OCUN Sitcase Pad is a compact and multi-purpose crash pad that's primarily intended for use on sit starts. It also serves as an accessory to large crash pads and can double up as a sleeping pad or a storage bag to help carry your gear to the crag. It has 2 carry handles, an integrated carpet and can be used in 3 different ways.

£99.96 ex. VAT £93.16 ex. VAT

OCUN Sitpad

The OCUN Sitpad is a great mat for sit-starts and has a built in carpet so you can keep your rockshoes clean at the crag. It will help get you off the ground on low lying starting holds and fits easily inside a folded crash pad for ease of transport. It's also great to lounge on in-between routes or when you need a quick rest!

From £38.79 ex. VAT