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Boreal Crash Pad


A good allrounder bouldering mat that will work on higher problems too. The shoulder straps have a dust cover for protection when lain on the floor and there is a removable carpet mat for starting from with clean shoes. 5.8kg Folded 70 x 100 x 24cm Open 140 x 100 x 12cm Reinforced corners to avoid tears Dual density high quality foam filling. Soft foam in the centre with harder foam at the surface. Equal cushioning when used either way up. Dust cover keeps the shoulder straps clean while using the crash pad Detachable carpet mat

£170.00 inc. VAT £151.94 inc. VAT

Metolius Session II Crash Pad


£200.00 inc. VAT £181.25 inc. VAT

Metolius The Basic Pad


£175.00 inc. VAT £156.41 inc. VAT

Moon Saturn Crash Pad

The Saturn Crash Pad from Moon Climbing is their biggest bouldering mat designed for your highball projects or group sessions at any climbing grade. With a taco pad design, the Saturn has no folds or creases so is a dream to fall onto time and time again.

From £294.84 inc. VAT

Moon Warrior Crash Pad

From £203.35 inc. VAT

OCUN Dominator FTS


The OCUN Dominator FTS is a crash pad with our unrivalled FTS Absorption Block®, suitable for highballs. It's also suitable for highballs thanks to OCUN's patented FTS Absorption Block® inner padding that improves absorption of the energy of fall. Design of the absorption block ensures perfectly efficient absorption even et the edges of the pad. Another advantage of this solution is the fact that it decreased the weight of the pad about 20 %. It offers two different ways of opening.

£389.95 inc. VAT £369.06 inc. VAT

OCUN Incubator FTS


The OCUN Incubator FTS is the most compact giant crash pad on the market. It's surprisingly easy to fold it into very compact package for transport. Thanks to its optimized volume it smoothly fits into most of the car trunks despite the fact it has the area over 2m2.

£389.95 inc. VAT £369.06 inc. VAT

OCUN Moonwalk FTS


The universal two-piece Paddy Moonwalk Crashpad from Ocun, offers excellent value for money!It consists of a two part foam layer and provides great protection and excellent damping properties. In addition, it offers many practical details such as the robust, easy-to-use metal buckles with which the pad can be held together while transporting, an integrated mat, lateral loops and the all-purpose practical carry handle.

£269.95 inc. VAT £255.48 inc. VAT

OCUN Paddy Dominator


The OCUN Paddy Dominator features an innovative absorption system that makes it a great bouldering mat for demanding users and for highballing. Paddy Dominator is crash pad for the most demanding boulderers. It's also suitable for highballs thanks to OCUN's patented FTS Absorption Block® inner padding that improves absorption of the energy of fall.

£259.96 inc. VAT £233.40 inc. VAT

OCUN Paddy Moonwalk


The Paddy Moonwalk crash pad by OCUN is recommended for all types of bouldering, including highballs. This mat offers two different ways of opening and the option to connect more crash pads together to create a bigger landing area.

£229.96 inc. VAT £206.45 inc. VAT

OCUN Paddy SitCase


The OCUN Paddy Sitcase is a compact multipurpose mat designed to be used as a satellite pad to cover sit starts. This pad can be configured in three different ways; Closed, opened lengthways and widthways. Bouldering equipment can be kept within the map when zipped up, making transport between boulders easier.

£109.96 inc. VAT £104.06 inc. VAT

Petzl Alto

From £228.80 inc. VAT

Petzl Cirro


£354.00 inc. VAT £313.78 inc. VAT