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Rod Holder Extenders

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Scotty Adjustable Rod Holder Extender


The Scotty adjustable rod holder extender fits in-between your existing rod holder and the post mount on the bottom. This will then add an extra 6.5" of height. Depending on the angle of the tilt, it can also bring it closer to you or further away from you. This features a full engineering grade nylon construction; this ensures that it is tough and durable as any other part of the Scotty Fishing range. General Features -------------------- Adds an extra 6.5" of height Can also move the rod holder closer to you Full nylon construction for durability

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.96 inc. VAT

Scotty Extended Gear Head Adaptor


The Extended Gear Head Adaptor allows you bring your rod closer.As well as the Part 429, the kit includes: No. 428 Gear Head Mount No. 459 Adjustable Rod Holder Extender No. 412 Post Mount

£40.00 inc. VAT £36.74 inc. VAT

Scotty Mini Rod Holder Height Extender


The Scotty mini rod holder is an easy way of gaining an extra 4.5" of extra height. This handy rod holder height extender features a full nylon construction which is renowned for being tough and durable. It will work in conjunction with any Scotty rod holder that features the post mount system. This simply drops into your existing mount and the rod holder then locates into the top of this height extender, job done!General Features -------------------- Works with all Scotty post mount rod holders Increases height by 4.5"

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.96 inc. VAT

Scotty Rod Holder Extender Nylon


The Scotty Rod holder extender adds an extra 6" of vertical height to your current rod holder. This features the Scotty post mount to plug into your exiting base, you can then screw your rod holder onto the top of the height extender. This will also work in conjunction with other components such as the adjustable rod holder extender if you wish to add height and also bring the unit closer to yourself.General Features -------------------- Nylon Construction adds 6.5" extra height Plugs into exisiting base mount with Scotty Post mount

£19.99 inc. VAT £18.37 inc. VAT

Scotty Rod Holder Extension SS & Nylon


The Scotty Rod Holder extension works with the majority of the Scotty range. It is suitable for adding 8.5" of extra height to your rod holder. This simply locates into your current Scotty mount in the same way as your rod holder. The rod holder then locates into the top of the height extender. It is simple and easy to use and is easily stored in the kayak hatch when not required.General Features -------------------- Fits the majority of Scotty base mounts Your rod holder plugs into the top of the extender Adds 8.5" of extra height Tough Nylon / Stainless Steel construction

£40.00 inc. VAT £36.74 inc. VAT
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