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Nookie Ti-Liner 2mm Neoprene Socks

The Nookie Ti-Liner 2mm Neoprene Socks are the perfect option for adding some extra warmth to your wetsuit boots or kayaking shoes in the colder months. These neoprene socks are also great for kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and other water-sports such as wild swimming, when they may be just worn on their own.

From £18.26 ex. VAT

Palm Index Socks

The Palm Index Socks are a thin and lightweight sock perfect for wearing under water shoes. Crafted from 1.5mm thick titanium neoprene, these socks provide additional warmth for various water sports. Featuring a three-dimensional cut, they ensure a snug and secure fit, while the flat-locked stitching adds extra comfort.

From £21.37 ex. VAT

Palm Kick Socks

The Palm Kick Socks stand out as a versatile thermal neoprene sock designed for various watersports. Crafted from 3mm thermofibre-lined titanium neoprene, these socks boast a three-dimensional cut for optimal comfort. Enhanced performance is achieved through meticulously glued and blind-stitched seams. The soles feature a diamond traction print, providing both added grip and increased durability.

From £21.37 ex. VAT

Palm Stomp Socks

The Palm Stomp Socks are made of 3mm neoprene and feature a three-dimensional cut for optimal conformity to the foot's shape. All seams are glued and blind stitched to enhance both comfort and performance. The neoprene sock's sole unit is fortified with a DuraTX-coated sole, and the convenient GlideSkin O-Ring opening ensures easy slipping on.

From £28.74 ex. VAT

Peak PS Neoprene Socks

Peak Ps' Neoprene Socks are warm, tough and comfortable. They are ideal to help protect the socks on our legwear and One Piece Suits. The grippy print on the sole gives extra durability and security.

From £14.79 ex. VAT

Peak UK Neoprene Socks

The Peak UK Neoprene socks are ideal for wearing in conjunction with other kayaking footwear, or adding warmth to your feet while on winter kayaking trips. Peak UK have designed their socks with 3mm neoprene and the seams are all mausered to make them tough and durable. The sole of these socks features a silicone print to give them added grip.

From £8.33 ex. VAT

Palm Tsangpo Socks

The Palm Tsangpo socks are made from a Pontetorto thermal patterned fleece. They feature flat lock stitched seams and are extremely comfy to wear. These are the perfect socks for kayaking, as they can be easily worn under a drysuit or dry trousers. These thermal socks will keep your feet warm even on the coldest of winter paddling days.

From £13.27 ex. VAT