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Beal Jammy

The Beal Jammy is a 5.5mm sewn rope sling for self-locking knots made with an aramid core and polyamide sheath.

From £9.94 ex. VAT

Crewsaver Swift Water Rescue


The Swift Water Rescue Jacket is a top of the range multi-purpose rescue and emergency response 80N buoyancy aid. The jacket features pockets and attachment points so you can easily store and access your tools and equipment, so you always have the gear at hand for the job you need to do. User friendly and with waist supports ensuring a one size fits all solution, this is a great and efficient choice for rescue teams.

£166.66 ex. VAT £149.47 ex. VAT

Crewsaver Swift Water Rescue Lite


The Crewsaver Swift Water Rescue Lite is a versatile 80N swift water rescue jacket designed to fit individuals of all sizes. This resilient yet lightweight jacket offers an affordable option for swift water rescue teams when additional jackets are needed. These jackets can be conveniently stored in various watercraft, like rescue tenders, ensuring they are readily available for emergency situations.

£53.38 ex. VAT £37.08 ex. VAT

Edelrid Static Float 11mm

The Edelrid Static Float 11mm rope can float and has been designed for frequent abseiling thanks to its refined sheath. It is also suitable for use in wet conditions.

From £2.77 ex. VAT

Palm Rescue 800

The Palm Rescue 800 has been designed to meet the demands of rescue professionals. With full adjustability, high visibility, and knife storage space.

From £183.33 ex. VAT

Palm Rescue 850

The Palm Rescue 850 is one of the best swift water rescue PFDs available. It's packed full of great features and finished to the highest possible standards, if you're a Swift water rescue technician, this is the Rescue PFD for you. The first priority is to keep yourself safe. The Rescue 850 is the industry standard for safety and rescue professionals and has been tested in some of the toughest rescue situations in the world. Single handed release buckles, a 50 mm quick release harness, lash tabs and high visibility reflective panels make this the safest rescue PFD on the market.

From £195.83 ex. VAT

Palm Rescue Suit

The Palm Rescue Suit was designed and developed with the Rescue 3 training centre at Cardiff International White Water, to make sure the suit meets the required demands. This specialist search and rescue drysuit is comfortable, hardworking and packed full of cleverly thought out features that provide high levels of performance. The Palm Rescue Suit is constructed from a breathable 4-layer fabric with a tough 330D nylon face for enhanced durability. The seat area, knees and elbows have then been reinforced with padded Armortex for extra protection in key areas.

From £625.00 ex. VAT

Palm Rescue Universal PFD

The Palm Rescue Universal PFD is a unique and high floatation one-size-fits-all PFD that can outfit your whole emergency response team. It comes with all of the essential safety features including a UCLan size adjustable chest harness which makes it quick and easy to adjust to achieve a safe and secure fit. It also has failsafe shoulder webbing and is made with heavy-duty ripstop materials which make it extra strong and durable for extended service.

From £195.83 ex. VAT

WRS Pathways with Bag


The WRS Pathways with Bag is a specialist rescue platform that provides stable access to locations or casualties that may be obstructed by mud, ice or water. It's built using TPU fabrics with a drop stitch construction.

£554.17 ex. VAT £538.79 ex. VAT

WRS Rescue Wrap

The WRS Rescue Wrap features a unique and revolutionary entry system design that guarantees a safe and secure fit. There are two front panels, each of which connect to the rear panel via a shoulder strap, side panel and waist strap. You simply wrap the outer front panel over the inner and secure the wrap connection with two super-strong side buckles. Removeable 40mm leg loops can be attached to achieve an even more secure fit. The rescue wrap also features a whistle clip, rescue knife pocket and a radio pocket, among many other great features suitable for rescue use.

From £207.42 ex. VAT

Palm Pro Gloves

The Palm Pro Gloves have been designed to be used by professionals in search and rescue operations. They're extremely tough and reinforced with strength fibres that make them great for work in cold and wet conditions.

From £37.28 ex. VAT