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Fenix HL18R


The Fenix HL18R is a rechargeable headlamp with a maximum output of 400 lumens. It sits on a 60° tiltable mechanism which allows the light to be directed where required. The light sits on a sweat-channelling, reflective headband which provides a secure and comfortable experience. It is powered by an included Li-polymer battery or 3 x AAA cells. The HL18R was designed with running in mind but is equally at home hiking, caving and for many other outdoor activities.

£49.96 ex. VAT £46.29 ex. VAT

Fenix HL40R

The HL40R is an excellent rechargeable headtorch with a high power mode of 300 lumens, and burst mode up to 600. The focusing lens allows the beam to be altered for spot or floodlighting, and has a number of modes to find the most practical for any given situation. The aluminium body adds durability, along with the IP66 waterproofing and 1m shock resistance ratings, which makes the Fenix HL40R great for a wide range of activities!

From £41.66 ex. VAT

Fenix HM23


The Fenix HM23 is a lightweight and waterproof headlamp, with an aluminium housing that makes it tough enough for any adventure, yet powered by a single AA battery, it is also a perfect choice for lightweight and fast-paced endeavours. Ideal for outdoor adventures that require illumination and both hands, the HM23 is perfect for running, caving, hiking, camping and climbing applications. Featuring a neutral white beam, the light provides a warmer colour temperature that is better for colour rendition in natural environments, compared to a cool white light.

£33.29 ex. VAT £30.85 ex. VAT

Fenix HM50R V2.0


The Fenix HM50R V2.0 is a rechargeable and multi-purpose headlamp that is ideal for industrial, every day and sporting use. This lightweight LED headlamp offers an impressive upgrade over its predecessor with increased output, up from 500 to 700 lumens, the addition of 2 red light modes, USB-C fast charging and new breathable & reflective headband design.

£56.63 ex. VAT £52.47 ex. VAT

Fenix HM60R


The Fenix HM60R is a versatile and lightweight, 1200 lumen headlamp that's been designed for runners, but is also suitable for general use. It incorporates a Dual Distance main beam, pure flood beam and red flood beam with SOS function into one compact unit. The light also features a stride sensor that works at Mid and High brightness levels, measuring your running pace, then automatically brightening or dimming the main beam.

£74.96 ex. VAT £69.46 ex. VAT

Fenix HM65R


The Fenix HM65R is a powerful dual beam headlamp that utilises its magnesium alloy body for light weight and excellent heat dissipation. It features a 1000 lumen spot beam which reaches out 163 metres, and a soft, even floodlight of up to 400 lumens for comfortable close-in use. The Fenix HM65R head torch delivers epic performance whatever your adventure. You can even combine the beams for a perfect lighting balance in more complex environments!

£89.96 ex. VAT £83.14 ex. VAT

Fenix HM65R ShadowMaster


The HM65R Shadowmaster is a rethinking of the standard HM65R. The magnesium alloy body still provides a light weight for the level of durability, as well as good dissipation of heat. However, the 400 lumen floodlight has been removed, and in its place sits a 150 lumen red floodlight, while the main beam as been improved, from 1000 to 1200 lumens, to compensate for this. It is powered by an included 18650 li-ion battery.

£91.63 ex. VAT £84.69 ex. VAT

Fenix HM70R


The Fenix HM70R is an all-metal headlamp that provides long-distance and wide-range lighting, with a maximum brightness of 1600 lumens and a maximum runtime of up to 100 hours. It is fitted with red and white light sources plus a red flash mode for alerting purposes. It is rechargeable with a hidden USB Type-C charging port for go-anywhere charging. Featuring a large-sized switch, impact resistant to 2 meters, it can be your trustworthy lighting tool for high-intensity outdoor work and it is ready to travel with you to a variety of challenging activities.

£95.79 ex. VAT £88.76 ex. VAT

Fenix HP16R


The Fenix HP16R Headtorch is a versatile and lightweight 1250 lumen headlamp that's ideal for use for a wide range of outdoor activities including hiking, caving, camping and running, as well as for everyday use. It is powered by a 3000 mAh lithium polymer battery that comes supplied, or you can use 4 x regular AA alkaline or AA / NiMH rechargeable batteries. This powerful head torch features 3 beams with a choice of lighting from low level to high power, near or far.

£99.96 ex. VAT £92.63 ex. VAT

Fenix HP25R V2.0


The Fenix HP25R V2.0 Headlamp is the further upgraded version of the original HP25R and it really delivers on performance. It offers improved runtimes, with a huge 5000 mAh capacity from its rechargeable battery and a maximum output of 1600 lumens, plus a huge run time at lower brightness levels. Made from reliable aluminium alloy, the HP25R V2.0 is tough and durable without compromising on being lightweight and comfortable to wear. The lighting angle can be adjusted with the 60º tilt mechanism to direct the beam as required.

£112.46 ex. VAT £104.21 ex. VAT

Fenix HP30R v2.0


The Fenix HP30R V2.0 Headlamp has an incredible maximum output of 3000 lumens when the spot and flood LEDs are used together. When used independently, the main 2000 lumen LED and reflector provides a far reaching beam of 251 meters and the neutral white XP-G3 S4 flood light has a maximum output of 1000 lumens and a beam reach up to 78 meters.

£191.63 ex. VAT £179.09 ex. VAT

LED Lenser H19R Core


The LED Lenser H19R Core is the rechargeable robust choice for working in dusty and wet environments. Provides four brightness levels with the boost mode leading the way with illumination of 3500 lumens and a beam distance of 300 metres!

£208.29 ex. VAT £185.38 ex. VAT